Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sure it Bothers Me

I am hurt about yesterday's game. I had the best seat in the house and was surrounded by awesome people. The club level is such a nice experience. I absolutely loved it and would do it again. But what really mattered to me the most was a Colts win. It was a good game. The Jets had healthy players, we on the other hand did not. I saw Austin Collie and Dallas Clark on the sidelines and wished they were in the game. Regardless, our boys gave it all they got. I will write more later today. My seat an aisle was awesome. I got to see all the players up close and got to see a lot of good plays unlike my other seating arrangements in the past. I am so bummed that we lost. As manning said in a interview tonight, the loss is disappointing especially after that field goal by the Jets with only secs left in the game.
For right now, I don't want to talk about it. I will post

some pictures from the game later. I was really hoping for a Peyton bootleg here. Nope didn't happen.

Nite Nite