Friday, January 21, 2011

Nice to see

I was looking back at my blog archives and started remembering some of the silly things I wrote about such as Dairy Queen pumpkin blizzards, crazy bodybuilding moments, talking about a mooner I saw at a festival, etc. You get the picture. There were some happy and sad moments in my blogs and some moments that I will forever treasure. I really have enjoyed expressing myself since I started this back in 2003. Some bloggers take things a bit too far that makes you go Hmmmmmm. Look, I really love my blog and I love blogging. It's my spotlight or as one of my friends told me my story and I am the main character. I don't cater to people with my blog. It is what is, and I keep it real. My advice those that don't like it, you shouldn't be reading it anyway. :) My blog is a way to to express myself and let people sorta in my life. It's nice knowing that people read my blog from all over the world. Places that I have yet to seen and venture such as Sweden, Egypt, Australia, just to name a few.

Something caught my eye today and I was taken by surprise, but I'm glad to see it still exist and not thrown out like some other things were that I got with good intentions. :)It did get my attention. Brings back sentimental memories to me. When I have my heart set on doing something I DO IT. Thats me. But that's all said and done now, but too stroll back down memory lane was a bit of a treat. Especially my cruising moments. One thing I must say to the traveler or cruiser in my case. Never ever ever wear things that draw attention when going to foreign lands lol. Sometimes I forget the kind of t-shirts I wear. I specifically remember going to a certain island and wearing an FBI shirt, and no its not the "other" FBI shirts, you know the ones I'm talking about :). Everywhere I went all I heard was "FBI". I wanted to change out of my shirt so bad. It got a little annoying every 5 minutes, hearing the natives among the crowd shouting "Hey FBI, or Don't mess with FBI". I wanted to get the heck out of Dodge and back on the ship as fast as I could.

Some things look better on others. *wink ......That shirt..well it didn't cut it for me.

My eyes are sleepy, but at least I will have a good nights rest as I'm relaxed and at peace until I go to the gym later today and all hell break's lose. Beyond all of this its nice knowing I'm thought of and how much of an impact I've had. I really had no idea. Now please, can someone tuck me in and tell me a bedtime story pretty pleae with suga on top :)

Stay Classy