Monday, January 17, 2011

A little surprise left for me

I'm in the bathroom listening to music as I get ready to go to the gym and I start hearing something banging against the wall. I go into my bedroom and my closet is open and I see my shoes thrown everywhere. Pookie was playing with my shoes. I didn't really pay close attention so I left the room, and went back to the bathroom. I then went back into my closet hunting for a t-shirt for the gym. I then smelled something funny but it was a familar smell. I then looked down and the smell got worse. I started looking around my shoes and finally found what it was. See if you can see what I saw in the picture....WARNING a bit graphic. :)

It turns out pookie was trying to paw invisible litter and was pushing my shoes around. LOL
Pookie was not responisble for what occured in my shoe or I should say heel. It was Leo my innocent Bengal..NOT! He is more calm now a days. He has been very close to mommy lately as I have been feeding him chicken scrapes. It was cute as he slept next to me last night and earlier today when I was watching the game.

I don't know how but everytime I took a picture of Bunny I seem to get her when she was licking her face lol. Such a tiny Bulldog but very special and sweet.