Thursday, January 13, 2011

Loving the Britney Spears New Single and the iPhone 4 finally for Verizon...Goodbye Android :)

I am loving this new single by Britney Spears. Perfect for dancing on the cardio machines and popping out a few good reps working out ***thumbs up!!

With long long anticipation, Verizon finally has the iPhone and you can guarantee I'll be getting my hands on an iPhone as I have been wanting one the longest time. Don't get me wrong, I like my Droid X but It isn't my first choice. The android has its downside. A couple of things that I don't care for is the short-lived battery life, delay with applications & receiving messages and emails unlike my Blackberry, and not to mention the touchscreen sometimes freezes up. My Heart belongs to the iPhone. It's says me all over it.
IPhone here I come :)

There's also some great apps for the fitness minded such as myself. The possibilities with this phone are endless.

Talk to you soon.