Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mom, Wedding Cake, and much more

Earlier this week I canceled my trip to Florida as I had a case of the sniffles. My mother had a blood transfusion and Surgery earlier today. I got an update from my grandmother Juana. Mom is doing good. She will be in the hospital for a few more days. My sister is staying with grandma for the time being and I'm sure she is enjoying that. My grandmother is funny, very funny. She would do some crazy stuff like for example. Say you and me are talking on the house phone right. She will pick up the other phone in the house and rip a big fart on the phone. ha ha ha ha. I remember one time I was on the phone and she did that to me and my boyfriend at the time was on the other line. He was like what was that noise. I was so embarassed, but now laugh at it as its funny.. to a piont. She does whacky stuff like that. Oh thank you to the many comments I got about my grandma and her looks. She was a catch back in the day. A former macy's model and runway model in NYC and now when she can she is a home aide helping take care of people

And now how about some wedding cake.........

One of my favorite things that taste absolutely good is wedding cake. I was checking out my facebook and noticed that one of my old friends got married to his long time sweetheart. Seems to be a great time to get married
and engaged *wink *wink. I must say for your newly engaged couples, a great place to get married and full of romance is in the Caribbean. Places like Antigua, Grand Cayman, St. Thomas, St. Martin, Tortola....Beautiful. Just to name a few. Look at them...cute as a button! I never seen Mike smile like that. She brings out the best in him. Congratulations to you both. His wife also recently graduated from Le Cordon Bleu, a very top notch culinary school on Orlando, Fl.

I just love romance and love. I'm a sucker for it. Materialistic things mean nothing to me, it's whats in the heart that counts. Funny story I read a while back that a lady married herself. Here's information taken out of the National Post news story from Nove 30th.

Like most people in today’s world, Chen Wei-yih felt pressure to settle down, but there just wasn’t anyone good enough. But then she realized that the person she was meant to be with had been there all along (like you see in the movies). And that person was Chen Wei-yih.

To be fair, Chen isn’t really in love with herself. She just wanted to add some spice to the age-old tradition and enlisted a wedding planner, bought a dress and made plans for a reception next month.

From Reuters:

“I was just hoping more people would love themselves,” said Chen, who will go on a solo honeymoon to Australia.

“If I had a steady boyfriend, I wouldn’t do this… it would be offensive to him, anyway.”

RWow!..that must have been some wedding night ha ha . Okay, if that's what makes her happy..I guess. People now a days. Nothing surprises me as to why people do certain things or get married for certain other reasons outside of love. Call me old fashioned, but I like the old traditional values of a marriage. Speaking of which a well known bodybuilder (which many of you know) friend is getting married in March. I won't say names, but they are the happiest they have ever been and I am happy for them. They deserve it, and waited a long time for this special moment.

Now someone call the Fun Police

It seems that people just don't know how to have a good time anymore and enjoy themselves. There always is a reason why they can't do this or that. Stop winning and making excuses and just let loose a little. Some people are just too afraid to be a little adventurous or daring. I live in Reality but also have fun too. I don't let party poppers spoil my parade. BTW, I'm not saying to be like Frank the Tank from Old know, getting naked and going streaking lol. No thanks. That was a funny part in the movie. I think I really like the character Blue. "your my boy Blue". This whole thing reminds me of people who are afraid to go to the gym or even eat a clean diet. Its not going to kill you but make you healthier inside and out.

Earlier today I received an email from a person asking me if I needed a bodyguard and that he would love to provide me with services as he works in security and law enforcement. How sweet of him to offer this to me. LOL...Um no thanks. Seriously, really?? Are you kidding me.

Goodness what in the world am I wearing here. Ha ha. Call the fashion police. I think the one thing I miss is my Armani Sunglasses. I loved these babies as I got inspired by BONO for these shades. They cost me a hefty price and later I accidentally sat on them. Oh I was not happy about that. This day at the Arnold my eye was bothering me so I wore the glasses and remained incognito but some how a fan snapped this picture lol. Look at me sporting my Blackberry on the side and not to mention those pants got to go lol. They were my workout pants believe it or not. Nina Bucci from Brazil. 125 for the pants. LOL...They lasted a long time, and made out of supplex which is a great material for sweat. I kinda remind myself of a wanna be J-LO. I got rid of those spandex.....

Now I heard a little rumor today that the Ms. Olympia may go on Probation next year..I don't know how true this is, but there's a reason for everything.