Thursday, January 27, 2011


Today was one of those days that I covered up head to toe (matching colors :)), put the earphones on, then put my hood over my head, and just tune everyone out. It was me against the gym. I didn't want to be there at all. My body is recovering from a cold and I got little sleep the night before. Well, I wasn't turning back and I sure wasn't gonna settle for less. It was "on like Donkey Kong" (American wedding), not to mention I was a little hyper already, having some blueberry green tea and yes lots of caffeine.

Now I am Dead Sexy lol...No I'm dead tired. When I was in the gym I was in pain and my legs right now want to fall off. I was a mess and didn't care as I'm not trying to impress anyone. LOL This is part of the game, sweat, blood, tears, messy hair.. you get the picture. I saw a pair of guys dead lifting heavy and I wanted to join in on the fun but just coming off a cold, I wouldn't have my crazy full dead lifting potential. Oh time.

I'm hoping I can crash and burn here in a few minutes. That's a big hope. I will put on a movie and that should do the trick.

You ever had a experience of deja vu? I swear I did today, I just ignored it as it was probably a figment of my imagination anyway. . For a quick second, I felt ...never mind. You don't want to hear any of that and it's pointless. Very pointless. But its cute and comical at the same time as its typical.

So I was sorting laundry this morning and one of my cats as it couldn't of been Bunny took a rest stop on my gym clothes. Hint hint. I got a little upset as it got all over a couple of clothes. Hopefully Oxi Clean will get it out. I was turned on to that stuff a long time ago and I actually got my mother hooked on it. LOL. I swear by the stuff as it really does get the hard duty stains out. Its a miracle :)

Someone asked me if there was one thing I can eat today what would it be...Good question. I would say chicken chicken chicken. I made some veggie stuffed chicken breast wrapped in Spinach soaked in a homemade salt free marinade I made last night . It's pretty tasty, but I have to pretend sometimes as the diet food can get a little bland and boring for me.

Here is Leo acting cool but this is before he attacks my arm.

Then we have a couple of us together. He's a cutie pie

So I end in saying that I can never let go of certain things that have captured my heart and life. I am blessed and treasure the little things I had. I treasure those moments and forever will. Sometimes things happen for a reason but those things make us stronger in the long run and a better person inside and out. :)