Thursday, May 12, 2011

Oh yes its that time again

It's nice when you wake up and you have a huge smile on your face, grining from ear to ear. I love it and its a great way to start my morning.

Yesterday was hot and its about time we finally get some warm weather over here. I love the summer time. It sure isn't like Florida summer and "I count my lucky stars" that it isn't the dry heat like Vegas as I won't do that again LOL. Did you know that Indiana actually has a beach? I didn't know it either till I found out there "beach" is on a lake ha ha. Summer time is one of my favorites as I love swimming and playing in the water in my case a pool here and not the beach. You WILL NOT catch me swimming in a lake. I'm a water baby and there's something about it that makes me go goo goo ga ga. I enjoy laying out and catching sun and this is a thing I love to do on the sea days on the ship. I will say catching sun here versus on the beach and on the ship is a big difference and certainly not the same.  I got it down now to where I don't burn woo hoo. Another great thing is ice cream and flavored shaved ice. In my case at the moment, I can't have either. Well...I can have shaved ice but what the fun in it when its just water and no flavor..I have done this before actually with crystal light. That was super duper. I don't know why but when I diet I do crave ice. Is that weird or what or is it just me.

As much as I would love to take a day off today. I'm going to see if I can wear a tank top in my gym here (as they don't allow it for hygiene reasons), but I see girls and guys wear them all the time. I stick out a little more then they do though. I posed for half an hour yesterday and noticed my body has changed again. Well I still have 20+ weeks to go from FIBO. At this rate I WILL have a very conditioned body. Remember my BIll Dobbins photos lets just say by the time I hit FIBO I will be very SPOT ON more so than I EVER have been ...EVER. I'm really excited to tell you the truth. As long as I get my "treats" in there somewhere I am good. I love a fat juicy steak with the extra trimmings. Another cruise will do though as I can eat, train, layout, swim, repeat. :)

The track meet was good, HOT as I should have wore something cooler. Now that my metabolism is kicking in I am starting to sweat a lot more than usual. Its a good thing, but not when its pouring lol. My friends daughter competed in hurdle jump yesterday and she did good but would of did better if her competition didn't trip her. Well she is on fire and is going to be competing again today and she is going to take no prisoners. Other than that seeing the kids compete reminds me of my sports days as I was into everything. I just love competitive side of sports. Now I play fair unlike certain Laker players *cough* cough*. That guy got what he deserved and honestly he should of got more that 5 game suspension. He could have really injured that Maverick player. I can't stand bad sportsmanship. No reason to bitter cause the other person scored and made you look bad, or whatever. Two Words..GROW UP!!!!!!!!! Hopefully it won't be too hot like yesterday and this time I will dress a little cooler for the meet. Yes, I had a good time its was just hot and then a few other things added to the mix.  I just love going to the games especially the football ones. Next week starts soccer and I am excited about that. That's my forte. Sign me up. :)

I'm going to be riding in the ambulance in Indianapolis and I am looking forward to that. I need to buy a stethoscope and I have been looking at a particular Littman model which a "good" stethoscope is going to cost you a hefty penny. Then you do have those more affordable ones that will cost you around 40 bucks and are just as good. Decisions ..decisions..

okay need to get Jeeves to get the limo ready to take me to the gym.