Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I always love clowning around and love making jokes. There's nothing wrong with that. Some people think I should be a tight butt and not joke at all. Ummmm sorry to bust your bubble but that's not going to way. I say this as yesterday I ran across a few sour grapes. Holy smokes....Don't get me wrong we all have our days and nobody can always be peachy but some people really need to lighten up ..just a little. I was in the supermarket (I won't say where but I'm sure you can guess) and of course I said "Hi, how you doing?" boy..they must have had a bad day as I didn't get a response. So I said it again and again I didn't get response. Finally I just came out and said I was a secret shopper, etc and then there personality changed..LOL. It's not like I was bulging out of my clothes. Some people. As a customer you expect good service not someone whos behind the register having a bad day taking it out on everyone that comes through. oh well.

Tomorrow will be fun as I am going to another track meet at the local high school in town to see my friends son compete. This boy is only 14 and is HUGE. He is a freshman and plays football too. I hope in the future he gets scholarship to Alabama. I had fun at the last two track meets, and finally met the reporter that did a small story on me for the local newspaper in town. Very nice guy ad he used to be a big time powerlifter. Cool guy and boy he can talk your ear off :). I always love hearing stories about stuff.

Funny story for today. A while back I took my grandma and family out to eat at a high end Chinese restaurant. It was a great time. Well anyway, my sister is a clown and btw she will be coming up to Indianapolis next month to see her sissy on stage. I wanted to get my grandmother to come and she really wants to but her back is really killing her and I don't want her walking around. She refuses a wheelchair and I don't blame her but I consider it more of a comfort for her so she doesn't walk around. Anyway..sissy will be there with me. SO going back to my story, the Asian waitress brings out everyone's food and my sister says "muchas gracias" and then I laugh as the waitress was oriental. My sister is as funny and a riot. So anyway my grandmother comes out ..bless her heart lol...and sys to the lady "are you Spanish?' So then I'm sorry but I busted out laughing to the point where I was crying. hahahaha. The lady then replies "do I look Spanish?" and grams says no and then said" I thought I heard you speaking Spanish". That lady got upset lol. Then my grandmother took the remainder of everyone's food to go. The lady then quickly said I will pack it up for you. See I'm not a fool and I didn't want that lady packing my food after the Spanish incident. SO I told my grandmother after she walked away "look out that lady is going to put some stuff in your food that's going to have you all pooping all over the place". then I started laughing as my grandmother was like no she wouldn't do that LOL....that's what she thinks. Anyway that's my funny story of the day.