Monday, May 23, 2011

Not waiting for it

I got my serious game face on and I am ready for some lifting action.

 It was nice at the gym on Saturday as no one was there.......LOL. I can train at my speed and zip around to the equipment. Plus I can dance around and be silly. :) Here is a picture of part of the gym and as you can see its soooo busy. :)

 It was an exhausting and sweaty workout but I got it done regardless of how I felt and there are times that I just want to drop down on the floor and lay there looking at the ceiling. I can't do that as I know what lies ahead of me at the end of the tunnel.

I went to the movies this weekend to check out the New Pirates movie. It was awwwwesome and I highly recommend for the family. People were getting nutty in the theater about finding a seat. My entertainment during the movie was a older lady sitting next to me who talked through the entire movie with her husband as he was quiet LOL. I see who wears the pants here. She was funny and jumped during some of the moments in the movie and would randomly say silly things. I can't wait till the 26th as that's when the hangover comes out and you can be assured I will be there for the first showing. I'm really curious about this one. I think we all can agree the first one was fabulous.

I have been keeping myself busy busy. last week for the first time in a while I ran a mile and headed over to a local restaurant "well known" in downtown TH. I always wanted to go here but never had the time. So a friend of mine went with me for lunch after our run. As soon as we walked in we are waiting to be seated and we waited for a good while. The waitress sees us standing there and says nothing and then finally the girl says "can I help you" in a really snotty tone. That was strike number one. Then I said well we would like to sit down, eat, and get something to drink. I mean seriously why else really would I be there for??? Just to stand there and look pretty. Talk about superior service. So when I say what I want she then says we can sit at the bar. I guess she assumes I want to eat and drink drink. Ummmm are you kidding me lady. She was just plain nasty as could be. Strike number two. The place only had two tables with people and the rest was open. At this point I was already very disappointed in this place and can assure you I will never be back there again. Then the bar tender comes up and she says can I help you. I told her about the girl and how we wanted to sit at a table. She seemed a little nicer than the other girl. I told my friend I don't want to eat here as it put a sour taste in my mouth. She had water and I had a tea and we just payed $1.20 and made our way to Fitness Experts to have a protein shake. I have to admit when I got to the gym I had so much more fun there talking with my friend and one of the head trainers . It was great. I guess this happened for a reason. One of the head trainers is into marathons and guess who is thinking of trying a marathon in TH. ......ME. I am going to look at the calender on the runners association website for TH and see whats available. This week I will be doing power yoga. Should be interesting. I know that coming up next month I will be volunteering with the Special Olympics in Terre Haute. it is June 3-5th. I can't do the 4th as that is our Indianapolis show. But as long as I am there on the other days that will be fine. Indy 500 will be here before we know it too. I see that the Chevy dealers are really trying to push the replica Indy pacer cars around the state of Indiana and other places as well. I only know that as I have been Camaro researching. I'm being smart, and doing my homework.

Now its kiddy time....
Here's miss Bunny sleeping by the couch well she was till she heard my camera turn on. But isn't she the cutest thing. So small for a bulldog but compact. I love her so much and will always be very thankful for her being a part of my life. She is very special to me.

 Of course this is her famous pose when she wants something. I was eating my egg whites and she wanted a taste so this is what she does when she wants food or a treat.
 Then we have Mr. Cassanova here looking  very handsome for the camera. He knows he is all that and a bag of temptations.
 See he even sleeps liek he is king of the world. Where ever he wants LOL
 Pookie Mouse comes out to check the scene.