Thursday, May 26, 2011

Close but no Cigar

I trained yesterday and ended it early as I was starving and needed to take a nap. I did do 315 deadlifting again a day ago and that was a piece of cake still for me at this state that I am at. I may try to do it it again later today. Just have to go by how I feel.

Last night I decided to take myself out for dinner as I was yearning for a juicy steak. I was going to go to J. Fords Black Angus but decided to go to a place I was very familiar with....Outback. LOL. I had a nice meal and it's funny as the waitresses knew me from previous times I have been there and some of them came up to me and introduced themselves. They were wondering why I was in a hurry this time as I usually take my time eating haha. Well I'm not ordering half the stuff I usually order either lol. When I got up to use the ladies room I noticed as well as everyone else in the restaurant it was storming very bad outside. I was wondering why the lights kept flicking. The one waitress told me this used to be a bank and they have a basement etc. So we would be safe just in case. For the time being I was stuck in the Outback. So there I was sipping my unsweet tea and surfing Ebay and face booking. Finally the storm calmed down a little and it was my chance to get out.

Later when I got to the movie theater it was easy getting a good seat as I arrived early. Dead center in the middle. They had two theaters set up for the showing. I can't even imagine the other theater but in the one I was in there were very few ladies and tons of males on top of that they were country boys as the majority all knew each other in the theater and some of the time they were tossing dip to each other across the theater. Then I had some guys sitting next to me wearing all camo hats lol. It was a young crowd and boy this crowd was funny. Okay now I'm going to give you my take on the movie. The Hangover 2 did go a little farther out there with the last one with certain scenes and you will understand what I mean by that when you see it. its things that back in my time were not allowed to be on movie scene. SO be prepared to watch a lot of weenis moments lol. Now I have to say being that I must have watched the original Hangover so many times that movie I will never get tired of. This on the other hand I was not impressed at all. It has a good amount of funny moments and of course again the RE-TARD or better known as Alan is always the fun one to watch as well as the china man Mr. Chow and this time Stu is a freaking riot. My ultimate favorite character is the little monkey with his Rolling Stone jacket who likes to smoke cigarettes, likes weenis, and is a drug dealer lol. I love him as he is too cute and now I want one minus the bad stuff. LOL. Part 2 is not as funny as the first one.