Monday, May 16, 2011

up and away

Good Morning
This blog is brought to you today by Folgers Coffee

If you could see me right now I have a huge smile on my face and its due to my weekend. It was full of surprises and happy endings well let me change that to happy beginnings. I'm blessed and thankful.

Getting my dose of David Guetta this morning as I blog here for a few quick minutes and yes I will be back later this morning/afternoon with more :).

I want to send a HUGE "THANK YOU"to the Indianapolis EMS and the Indianapolis Fire Department for welcoming me over and making me feel at home in your house *smile. I met so many wonderful people who were down to earth and very cool. I'm still glowing from meeting them. I also want to thank a particular person (you know who you are), keyword....OVERWHELMING. lol. Al I can say is well....I'm actually still speechless for words can't even express it. We had a few runs and one was pretty funny but also on edge as you never know what to expect when you arrive on the scene. You have to ALWAYS be on guard. I will say what I learned in school with EMT and then what you see on the field is totally different. I highly agree with my friend that the best way to learn is hands on experience when you are out in the field. I will go more into that later. I didn't didn't get home till a little after 10:30am the next day I needed to go shopping before I went home at Wally World. You know my friend was telling me how they worked only 9 days out of the month. That's a great deal if you ask me especially with if I recall this right a kelly day. I'm sure I will be corrected. *waving
I look forward to many more runs and adventures..........

HUGE HUGS to the whole IEMS and IFD..see you soon and thanks for making me feel at home and special especially my close friend.  You have no idea how much your words, actions, drive, and your outlook on life inspired me.

I also want to say a big thank you to BIG ED and the Evil crew for welcoming me to the the chaos for Bloggers cruise 5. You can read big Ed's blog here
Yes I LOVVVVVE cruising and I am a late bloomer with it. I would love to set up and host fitness oriented cruises that would be cool.

Before I forget my overwhelming friend also has a Bengal mix. I thought that was neato. Its white with the markings....looks cool and its a girl. Gizmo(leo) needs to make his moves. I've been trying to get my Bengal accustomed to the name Gizmo as this was my first pick of a name. I like this a lot more and its him all the way. He responds to it, and then again he does his own thing anyway. He is KING here and spoiled rotten. Which I end this blog with Gizmo(leo) and Pookie Mouse. I thought this was the sweetest thing. They are the best of friends and who would think lol. Here they are cuddling and sleeping

Bunny has got the green eye monster going on either that or I have a bulldog with laser beam eyes lol