Sunday, May 1, 2011

Eye of the Tiger

Yes, I took my photo in the gym lol. Since I have a camcorder I thought I would start taking video of training again. I know many of you would like that a lot. But I haven't done it yet so don't get all excited on me. I miss my training videos too. I like to make fun of myself. I had a great workout today but very exhausting. This is part of the lifestyle of being a bodybuilder taking in the pain, exhaustion, and then still pushing it full force no matter how I feel. That was more than a mouthful and it made me tired just saying it. LOL. I use my mental focus to drive the muscles to the ground when I'm "in the zone". 

 All week long I have had people stop me taking photos with me and older people congratulating me on my hard work. Not to mention I had a young girl come up to me asking me about food choices and training, she was only 14. Very sweet girl. I met so many wonderful people on the ship. if you haven't already noticed I do have a fever for cruising and travel. Since I was a teenager I had always been surrounded by tourism and know being from Orlando helps. There is never a dull moment for me....ever. I have fun regardless and make the best of everything. You already know that so I don't have to tell you. I must admit I was indeed meant to be an athlete and fit. There's no doubt about that. I feel right now my body is changing. I remember Bill Dobbins telling me my body has a long way to go till the muscles mature. So right now or for the past years I have had immature muscles lol. I'm noticing some good changes least I think they are unless my mind is playing games on me. I didn't want to announce but I know some of you feel that that I may be done competing and that I have throw in the rag. Not the case. Remember I'm an athlete and always been since birth. Its in my genetic makeup. I can't help it LOL. To get to my point I will compete as I got a fever and the only prescription is competing. ha ha.

THIS IS NOT OFFICIAL!!!!!! I have my eyes set on FIBO in Chicago. Knowing my last minute self depending on how things go I may jump into one of the shows in June. I will be guest posing in June in Indianapolis and also September in Lakeland, Florida. FIBO would be a very exciting show for me as with the rate I am going at now I will be in TOP or I should say my BEST condition ever with pretty lines and structure to match. I am 100% positive that their will be Olympia contenders there but hey that's what competing is ALL about :). To clarify again this is NOT OFFICIAL. What is holding me back from making it official is I MAY have a job offer and its one heck of a opportunity especially of this magnitude. Timing is everything. I can't say what yet but its a great thing and many of you would be very happy for me. Others will scratch their head and wonder why?? I DO believe things happen for a reasons and that some things in life ARE meant to be like me in the Athletic field. No matter how much I try to ease my way getting into something non fitness related, it always seems to find me LOL. On this recent venture it found me everywhere and because of it I MAY and that's a BIG MAY have a opportunity with this company. It will be a huge change for me. I still need to publish my review and I will get to that bear with me.  Ciao