Friday, May 27, 2011

Start Your Engines

We have the Indianapolis Colts, Pacers, and then one of the most prized events ever with so much history the one and only the Indy 500. I'm sure you have seen a few limited edition orange Camaros with the Indy 500 on them. :) Here in town I've seen a white convertible Camaro pace car driving around :) If your in Indianapolis be sure to check out the festivities before the big race on Sunday.

It's going to be hot next week and I have been wanting to go swimming and get some sun. One of the things I love about cruising lots of water and sun.. I am curious about where are the best swimming pools to go are in Terre Haute as my place has a decent pool but its not big enough as the pool gets packed. Theres ISU
pool (indoor) which is nice cause they also have jacuzzis :) I'm thinking of going in there today actually.  I want an outside pool where I can get sun too. Picky aren't I lol. We have the little fair in town at the park called Banks of the Wabash. Fair food is so healthy and so nutritious for your buns. I remember going to Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana. Thats right Santa Claus (the city) Indiana. In Florida we have Christmas, FL where its Christmas 365 days a year. In Santa Claus its themed all Santa Claus stuff. So get your camera out. Holiday World has this ride which you see at fairs called the scrambler hence the name. I went on and half way through the ride......I was done. Consider me scrambled as it scrambles your brain and body. I was done for the rest of the day. It was aweful and I can't stand that ride lol.

Enough of me rambling let me get to what I really want to say here. I have some bad news. FIBO has been officially canceled. If you recall this is the show I was going to make my comeback. So now the only shows for the rest of the year are 3 which are all a week after eachother in June. Toronto, Tampa, and Hartford. Goodness!!!! Here is my take on that. As I have mentioned many times before we can't control what happens. I guess some may expect me to be upset?? Nah, no reason to be as it's not the end the world. I have been working very hard and will continue to do so in the gym. This little thing isn't going to rain on my parade. I will continue to stay in shape as I really like where I am at right now and it keeps getting better. Its the lightest I have been in a long time for a offseason. I might as well tell you I'm 135lbs right now......... Goodness I better not say that as some of you will believe it. ha ha. You know me, I just keep moving forward and training on, and staying in good shape.  I'm getting a vision....Fat Tuesdays, Flip Flops, beaches, and sushi :) soon for me :)

Next Friday and Sunday I'll be volunteering at the Special Olympics here in Terre Haute. That Saturday we have our big Indianapolis show which I will be one of the many judges. It will be a long day Saturday due to the number of competitors we will have at the show. Should be fun. My sister will be in town the following week and hopefully we can get her down here again in July for the Indianapolis State show. She loves the shows and loves seeing the people pose. I thought about dragging her on stage with me lol or I may just come down and embarrass her. Doing my ghetto robot dance which is a really really really bad robot dance impression.

Later today will be a fun day as I got invited to go to a football and you know how I feel about that. Its a pretty big game as its the rival high schools battling it out. I think its the freshmen football team playing. It will be fun regardless, hopefully the weather will play nicely today.

Time to get my day started.