Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's almost here......

Recently I have been hearing its end of the world as of this Saturday the 21st of May as it is 7,000 years later from the time of Noah and the ark. I have srrn some people going bonkers. I just found this out yesterday. Lets see todays Thursday which leaves me to do everything on my bucket list in 2 days LOL! !!!!  Nothing is going to happen people so "CALM DOWN"......seriously. Some people with thier hype and drama trying to fill the minds of others with thier hoopla. Anyway there's your conversation over dinner tonight. l better get working on my list *wink *wink. I'm sure I will get some hate mail for this lol

Busy day ahead of me with training in the gym a few times today followed by a track meet at the high school later this afternoon to show my support to my friends son I previously mentioned in my blog.Tomorrow. ...hopefully if all goes well I will be on the ambulance in indy in tbe evening having fun and learning.The weekend its training and training. I feel wider and bigger. I guess thats a good thing *wink. FIBO here I come. I'm so excited