Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Special Moment

I was sitting in my car getting ready to step out to go and train and then I turn to my right and noticed this little guy on my car thingy. I sloooooowly got my camera out to take a picture. I thought it was the cutest thing and brought back a memory to me. A while back ago on one of the cruise ships I think it was Carnival Freedom or maybe it was the Dream. Heck it was on a ship lol. Anyway, it was a fantastic voyage and I always have fun. So there I was out getting sun and wanted to cool off in the outside showers, I noticed this a little tiny bird flying around and hiding on the deck he was hoping around and looked exhausted. Of course I was worried about the little guy and tried to catch him to save him from any harm. I know people thought I was nuts trying to save this bird but he was so tiny and fragile. I think I got my towel and finally caught him. He was so sweet. I called for someone to come and see he gets taken care of and I am sure like someone told me a few times they released him when i wasn't looking lol. Later that day I saw the bird flying again LOL so go figure. Well this little fella reminded me of that moment and maybe it was him saying hi. :) He was sitting there for a good while and then he flew off. I got my stuff and turned around to get out again and sure enough he was on the car again except closer on the driver window and I jumped as he scared me as I wasn't expecting that and then he flew away and I never saw him again. Cheesy me I took some photos and he is precious