Wednesday, May 25, 2011

not the best but oh well

This isn't the best but since its been a while since I posted something why not show a picture right now from my off season progress. I needed a broom to sweep out my garage and went to Menards (which is like Lowes and Home Depot), well I had some interesting things happen. I was walking in the store and this gentlemen walks up next to me and ask " are you a bodybuilder?". I said yes I am and then he goes on saying you don't look like those girls on tv and then went on saying I was pretty etc. I didn't know how to take that but it was positive. Then I had a couple come up to me in the store saying how they saw me and were trying to find me so they can talk to me. They gave me some nice compliments as well and the husband asked me if I was a gladiator like American Gladiators lol. They were very nice people. It always is nice when someone who isn't in the sport acknowledges you for your hard work. I on the other hand to this day don't see what other people see and I'm very shy not to mention very humble. But I do have my fun loving quick wit sense of humor that I love.

I am excited about this evening as I am going to see the hangover 2 tonight at 12:01 am ..woohoo. I'm expecting it to be very good. School is almost out and I'm sure a lot of you are excited. I won't be excited as I'm sure I will be seeing some of these kids on a cruise this summer when I'm on the Destiny. Now when I go back on her in the fall it won't be too bad with kids. "I hope" :) 

Can you believe we are almost half way through the year.....