Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's about time

I couldn't post a blog yesterday as Blogger was updating a few things. I have a long day ahead of me. I was up this EARLY this morning hitting the gym at Anytime Fitness. Had a good workout. I am very happy with were I am at this point being 20 weeks out from FIBO. Again that's unofficial. wink wink. I have to go to the gym again later and then this evening I will be on the ambulance with Indianapolis EMS (IEMS) till around 7 am Sunday morning. I'm going to be doing this a few times out of the month. Keeping me busy and pumping my neurons. I think a lot ha ha. Especially about things I shouldn't be thinking about but I can't help it ....Should be a lot of excitement since where I am based is a busy area and is also known for its high crime rate. I'm sure I will crash and burn when everything is over. I'm going to see if I can sneak a long nap in and a few pics. I need my Sponge Bob sleeping bag LOL. .

Sometime this weekend I will also be posting my Fantasy review which is long long long overdue. I'm excited about the summer as I will be taking my sister on the Destiny for her vacation. I have been wanting Erica to meet my BFF on the ship. . I can only take her for a few days as she has a busy summer planned. I'm goign to take her to the Grand Cayman to experience the sting rays. I loved it when I did it. I plan to go back to Grand Cayman after summer when all the kids are in school. No offense, but the parents understand. :) We will talk cruise talk later as I may have a interview as well in late June. Great opportunity, but need to sit on it LOL. I will keep you posted

My god daughter did great in her track meet and their school took first place ..Yeah!!!!So proud of her and her fellow teammates. Great kids. I had a nice time the other day and its always a pleasure.*BIG smile.....

Need to get some sleep then head to the gym.