Monday, May 9, 2011

The goof ball I am. LOL

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh it's Monday!!!
Yep can you tell by my expression I am excited about Mondays :) 
Here is a more serious look which suits my Monday mojo.Its more of a "oh no here we go again *sigh*". Your not the one doing the training and screaming bloody murder lol. You dont want to be in my shoes I promise you.
l Need to run to the gym. gee imagine that.  The gym is my first home and thats a true fact. Ask the people in the gym and they will tell you. I had one trainer a while back tell me " your back again?". He was shocked I guess but he doesn't have a clue to what discipline it takes and some of the routines we do (cardio, weight training, etc.) to achieve the look we are aiming for. Which leads me to sweet and touching story. I spoke to a friend of mine from years ago and they knew of me before I made the bodybuilding transition. We talked about fitness and then out of no where they wanted to apologize to me for thier behavior from years ago on when I was getting into fitness. I honestly forgot about all that past stuff. Plus I can forget a couple things once in a while especially while low carbing *LOL*. Anyway, my old friend  then went on telling me how proud they were of what I accomplished. I am still speechess and in complete and utter shock as that was unexpected and who would ever think in a million years. It made me a little emotional as it was touching to me. I never heard from them again since. Regardless, it was a very touching and a kind thought. 

time for to split