Friday, August 28, 2009

Super Girl saves the day

I know you all missed my blogging. LOL I hope all of you are doing well and are in great spirits today and of course everyday. There are so many people that have touched my lives over the last few months including YOU, my fans, supporters, friends and of course family. Thank you all very much.

I have received many emails, texts, private messages, IMs, and yes phone calls on my prep for the Ms. Olympia. Some people are shocked that I have been quiet and not talking about my prep all over the internet, etc. Those certain people are the ones that like to cause the famous stir ups and drama on the internet boards, forums or websites. Its amazing the stuff I see that goes on a lot of these sites. I guess the best way I can describe it to you is some of these internet sites are like your bodybuilding National Enquirer, TMZ, and even a good dose of Jerry Springer ha ha. *Isabelle chanting* "Jerry Jerry Jerry". My grandma would record EVERY show of Jerry lol. I loved Jerry. I would like t watch when the Big Guy with the blad head, I think his name was Steve would come out and hold the people down. I'm going off course here so let me go back to my original conversation. Where was I.....okay so I decided to stay quiet about my prep and training. Theres nothing wrong with that. I used to love coming into a show and suprising eveyone with my physique. One of my favorite moments was the 03 Excalibur where I amazed the competitors and won the judges. Wow... that was really really cool. Very good memories.

As I was saying, as an athlete I have dedicated my time more to the gym and keep a low profile. I enjoy doing that as obviously it keeps peopple guessing. I recently did a MD interview for the radio show for a Olympia holiday special. I am very excited about the Ms. O, and again very blessed. I have been working very hard. Of course being the perfectionst I am, I am very critical on my physique. LOL. Theres always room for improvement and of course I feel that I could be a bit harder. Which for me it comes in the end. I have been pushing myself hard in the gym to the piont where I just want to puke my brains out like some of us do after or during a leg workout session. "Caution Splash Area" ha ha. The other day I was doing the Hammer Strength plate loaded bicep curl machine. It kicked my butt. Son of a bee-sting! (lol one of my favorite qoutes from Anchorman) well I did a total of 3 45 plates and it killed my arms. Burn Baby Burn. My training sessions have been intense, and heavy. I do switch up my training doing lighter weight focusing more on the detail of the muscle group that I am training that day.

I saw my sister recently and its been almost 2 years. It was so great seeing her. I love her very much. She just started High School at Olympia H.S. in Orlando. I miss her so much. She is starting to weight train lol. What she needs to do is put some meat on her skinny bones. I'm s proud of her. As for me I have been taking on some new things. Right now I am learning Russian which is very hard for me. I already know spanish, german, and some italian. I have been taking on personal training and also helping people with contest prepartion which I love as I love seeing the body transform and I love helping my clients achieve thier goals and dreams. I am going back to college in the spring term and taking on some new adventures. It was a pianless process yesterday at the guidance couselors office and at records. WOOHOO.

I don't know if I told you guys but I have a kitten now. Her name is Pookey Mouse. She eats Bunnys food lol. Pookey and my bulldog get along great. I got pookey to keep Bunny company. On top of that I wanted a cat that was grey. LOL. Bunny is getting fixed Sept 2. I am not going to breed her as she has a respitory problem and I don't like dealing with aunt flow every 6 months.

Time for me to eat some chicken

God bless you all and talk to you soon.