Wednesday, December 9, 2009

News Flash: Ms. International Invite....

I wanted to make the announcement on here as I have been having people ask me about the invite, etc. I will not be putting in for a invite to the Ms. International this year. It kills me as its such a wonderful experience and your competing with the top athletes in the world. I really hate missing the opportunity. I highly encourage the new pros this year to take the opportunity to put in for an invite.As some of you I pulled out of the Ms. Olympia this year due to a injury. Of course, I had to take my time getting back into the gym. It was a long slow cautious process. Now after all this time I am just getting back into full swing with training and being my crazy self again. At the same time I would like to take advantage of the situation as there is always room for improvement and want to make a strong impression when I step on stage again. Finally, I haven't had a real offseason since 2005. So it will be a nice treat for once. It gives me plenty of time to pack on some mass and show the judges that I belong on the Olympia stage. I will back onstage later in the year in 2010.

Thank you to my friends and fans for all of your support. I care about each and every one of you, even those that may say harmful things about me. I still love you *kiss*. I live, eat, sleep bodybuilding through all of you. I would not have made the gains and success that I have if it wasn't for all of your support and love for the sport. Thank you again to all of you. I look forward to sharing my offseason journey with you through pics and video which I will share in my thread under Isabelle Turell IFBB Pro.