Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tampa Pro Show Makes a Comeback for 2009

There was something really "INCREDIBLE" that happened yesterday for female bodybuilding. A lot of people thought it was a April Fools joke but it wasn't. The news broke out on

Here is a statement from Tim Gardner that was posted

Ladies and gentlemen of our vast and prestigious IFBB and NPC family, I am so honored to report today that the 2009 IFBB Tampa Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Championships will be intact just as its inaugural season with IFBB open men, IFBB 202 lb. men and IFBB open women bodybuilding in conjunction with the NPC Tim Gardner Extravaganza Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure & Bikini Championships.After careful discussion with Mr. Manion, his vote of confidence and the strong support from and, I decided to reinstate the female portion and bring it back stronger for the athletes and fans alike.
We have increased the prize money and added two more places to our contest as such:
*1st - $5,000
*2nd - $3,000
*3rd - $1,500
*4th - $1,000
5th - $500

* Olympia qualification

There will also be a best poser award of $500.This is a true testament to our bodybuilding community supporting its sport of passion without segregation of its forms of disciplines. This is short of being unbelievable, especially in spite of our current economic environment. I cannot speak highly enough of the positive impact that & have placed on our entire sport and not just for the love of female bodybuilding but the love of our organization(s). This will set a new precedence of enthusiasm and pride that will hopefully be contagious for all of our IFBB shows, the platform for our champion athletes.
Thank you.
Tim Gardner put together a donation for the Tampa Pro Show for the female bodybuilding division and in over 10 days thanks to all the fans and supporters they raised enough money to put the show back on and increase the prize money WOOOHOOO. Thats so cool isn't it.

You know I am a very passionate and a huge supporter of the sport and this is something that should be put in the history books. :) Now you and I know there are MANY that are not to crazy about us female bodybuilders and really don't care whether we have a show or not. Those same people claim that female bodybuilding will become extinct in a couple years. You know what i say about that.....


This is a special show and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to see our professional female bodybuilders from around the world compete in this show making this the biggest show in the year. This show has a lot of sentimental value to it as many fans and supporters raised money for it to be back on. Here are the names of all those that donated

this is a statement from Sioux from

I want to thank again all who donated. Thanks to our friends at who donated over $10,000.Thanks to all of you here who donated money and time to bring back pro women's bodybuilding to Tampa, FL.............. - $500 (I could not have donated that amount without our sponsors here at Thank you for your continued support! )
Debbie Bramwell - - $250
John Hawley - - $250
Dawn Alison - - $100
Andy Vogel - - $500
Helle Nielsen - - $250
Heather Colleen - - $250
Ed & Betty Pariso - - $500
Phil - Poster Musclesrsexy - $500
Beni Lopez - - $50
Michelle Brent - - $50
Vanessa Adams - - $100
Joel Goldberg - Poster Big J1 - $100

and many more.......

I want to be one of the many female bodybuilders to thank you all for what you've done for us. It really means so much to us and you have a special place in our hearts. Again thank you so much!