Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Bulldog Bunny needs your prayers

I took Bunny to the vet this morning to get fixed. Due to her small trachea there is a chance that she may not surive the procedure. I was up all night and couldn't sleep as Bunny is very special to me. She is an English Bulldog and is a year old and only weighs 33 pds. So she is considered a minature bulldog. The Dr. brought it to my attention again about her chance of survival. Of course I wanted to cry right there and then as I love her very much. I honestly didn't want to
take that risk and wasn't going to get her fixed but it had to be done. Here are some baby pictures when i first got her from our friend Cathy who is a highly recognized breeder that breeds Champion bulldogs. I highly recommend her.

I am sad right now as I don't want to lose my baby. It really brings me to tears thinking about it. Please keep Bunny in your prayers for me and I am going to keep a positive outlook on her surgery.

Thank you and God Bless