Monday, August 31, 2009

Congratulations to the new female bodybuilding pros.

It was an amazing weekend in Cleveland, Ohio as two ladies won thier pro cards at the North American. Congratulations to Zoa Linsey and Tammy Patnode. I am very proud of both of these ladies. I met Tammy at the Arnold Classic andTammy is and has always been a dedicated athlete to the sport. I respect her for her drive and love for the sport. She looked amazing at the Arnold and of course she rocked it in Cleveland. She presented a very nice package and it was awesome seeing her take the card.

Now I would like to talk about someone who I have followed for a long time. Zoa lives in Japan and recently competed in the Canadian nationals where she placed 2nd in her class. Zoa has been fighting for a pro card for a long time. When I first saw her on the forums I tought she was already a pro as she had incredible conditioning and shape. I started talking to Zoa and she was very down to earth and had a HUGE passion for the sport. Her dream has been to get her pro card. Zoa sent me a bunch of teas and yummy foods from Japan. I thought that was very sweet. Of course I didn't let anything go to waste. ha ha. My buddy Josh sent me some videos from his phone from the show when the final results was going on. I was watching it and there was Zoa and when they called her name as the new pro I cried as I knew exactly what she was feeling. I was so happy for her as she worked so hard to get there. Its been a hard journey and in the end her dreams came true. I think that's awesome. Congrats

Well As for myself I am sitting here watching the 1993 Ms. Olympia in New York. I have a vhs and a huge collection of Ms. Olympia videos. Its so awesome watching the old Ms. Olympias seeing the great icons of female bodybuilding such as Lenda Murray, Kim Chizevsky, Denise Rutkowski, Yolanda Hughes, Laura Creavalle, Diana Dennis, Nancy Lewis, and many many more. I feel like I am on that stage with them. What a great lineup it was in the show that year. I got that tune in my head" Olympia Olympia..... Joe Weiders Olympia....Olympia IFBB" I'm still watching the top 10 right now and holy smokes they are ripped and hard. Very beautiful physiques. I really love this year as of course you have Current Ms. Olympia Lenda Murray and then future Ms. Olympia Kim Chizevsky coming in 5th place and the next year coming in 1stokay Lenda just won and got her check for 35,000 big ones. My favorite part about the shows pose down is my favorite. I LOVE the pose down. I like to move around and get in between the girls and show them what I got lol. It would be so cool to be in the pose down with Iris Kyle, Yaxeni, Betty , Dayana and Heather Armburst. Oh cool at the end of the video it shows Lee Haney posing and training Mr. Olympia Workout The totally awesome world of Lee Haney. The Cory Everson Workout clips are on here too. I never realized that this stuff was one here ha ha.

Its not set in stone but I found out late last night that I may have a supplement sponsorship from someone that I admire. Cross your fingers.

Wednesday I am going to take Bunny to the vet to get fixed as I don't want to deal with aunt flow every 6 months. ha ha. Bunny is a mini bulldog and she eats and destroys everything.

Today I got some Oakley Nanowire 3.0. I was inspired by G.I. Joe. there pretty cool. Got them cheaper on Ebay. LOL. Don't tell anyone.