Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I just got word..........

I am officially now qualified for the Ms. Olympia. This is due to the fact that the Tampa Pro female bodybuilding has been canceled as of yesterday. A good friend of mine JOEL pointed out the IFBB rules to me and told me that due to the fact that now there is 2 pro female bodybuilding shows it now opens up more slots for qualification. I placed 7th at the Ms. International as you know and 4 of the top 6 were already qualified. That leaves 2 spots that wasn't qualified and an extra spot which was the 7th place finisher (me).

I got the official word today. I am very thankful to Jim Manion and the IFBB for granting me a spot at the Ms. Olympia. I also want to thank my fans, friends, and supporters for standing behind me always. I also want to thank God for blessing me with making my dream come true.

I want to thank David and my friend Joel for always believing in me and supporting me. On top of that for always giving me a hard time about stuff :) lol