Sunday, November 22, 2009

Life of a female Bodybuilder

I can’t believe its been over TWO months since I blogged. Something must have came over me. That BIG soething is called rest and relaxation. I encourage some of you to give it a try sometime. It can be very refreshing for the soul. 
I hope you missed me I know you did. I had a few emails from fans and friends asking if I was alive still. Yep I’m ticking. I have taken on some new adventures….you know me. I believe you have to try almost everything once in life. My motto is Live Life to the Fullest.

Okay, enough of the boring stuff. I have grown a big love for football. I actually looked to see if there was a female football team as I would like to try-out. There are a few female teams but none in Indiana. So I won’t be able to tryout. I enjoy having fun and I love sports. I always have ever since a child. Now I will admit a few years back I never liked football. It reminds me so much of how I felt for the sport of bodybuilding. Now look at me…a IFBB Pro. Which reminds me… I am so happy that there are a couple of new shows next year on the pro circuit for fbbs. This is very positive for the sport of female bodybuilding. Hopefully we will not have a another mishap like this years Tampa Pro show. Thanks again to Unreal Muscle, Siouxcountry and many others for the donations to make the show happen. I was a little down though that the amount of competitors weren’t up in the numbers but the important thing is we had a show again. I just want to tell those certain people and you know who you are, that female bodybuilding will be around for many years to come. Trust me on that. Its amazing how many fans we have. If I had a dollar for every fan of the sport I would be a millionaire. Thank you to all of you for always being there for us through the good times and bad times.

On another note: There is one thing that I see happen a lot and this is where we all need to nip these things in the butt and that is members who put their usernames and passwords in the open for others to venture to your site for free. I understand the admiration of our hard work, but hey your membership helps us with our expenses in the sport ( gym fee, contest prep, groceries,etc). So ladies be on the lookout, and keep those eyes peeled for these types of things.
Back to football. I am so proud of Peyton Manning and the Colts. 10-0. I guarantee you we WILL e heading to the super bowl this year in Miami. I know we are also tied with the New Orleans Saints who are also 10-0. It amazes me how some make fun of football and call it a stupid sport. Excuse me for saying but what planet are they from. Football is one of the greatest American sports to date. Enough Said. If you don’t like me saying that..tough. GO Colts.

I will be starting school in the spring going fulltime. Yeah…..NOT. Just teasing. School is great and you are NEVER too old to go back to school and fulfill your dreams. My one wish is to have several doctorate degrees lol. I won’t say what my degree is yet but its not marine biology as you know that was my very first choice then it was journalism. Anyway I am very excited about it
As far as my bodybuilding. Its going very good. I am having a good offseason. Training as hard as I can. My diet is very different for this offseason. I am really excited to the future competitions in 2010 for me. I am on a mission and of course that mission is to win.

Time to eat some chili