Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Memorial Weekend

Enjoy the long weekend!

We have one the most prestigious Indy Races taking place this weekend in Indianapolis, the Indy 500. I won't be going to the race this year as I have other plans. :) My friend Mark Harter is a big racing fan and his company "Eyes on the Road" is a big sponsor in the racing industry. I am sure he will be there.

In Terre haute we have the Arts and Crafts festival going on till next weekend down by Fairbanks Park. The festival has lots of rides and a wide selection of carnival food.

Not too much longer before we have the NPC GNC show in Anderson, IN. Dave Cravens always puts on a fantastic show every year. He will have a lot of great guest posers. One of them is IFBB Pro Ed Nunn. I can't wait for the show.

I am on my way to go train and pick up some groceries for this weekend. :)

Have a safe and blessed weekend.