Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I Came, I Saw,I Conquered those heavy weights

Yes Yes Yes......I did it. I was just playing around but I wanted to make an attempt. I was doing hammer curls with 75lbs dumbbells and for some reason I wanted a bigger push. I wanted to take myself to another level. I went to the 85lb dumbbells and I wasn't feeling this. I wanted more. I then looked over at the 100lb dumbbells ...."its now or never" I said to myself. You can do this Isabelle. SO I went over there with my straps on and I proceeded to wrap the straps but I changed my mind and threw my straps on the floor. I grabbed my dumbbells and looked at myself in the mirror. I was a iron warrior and I was not going to fail. I got in my zone and then
let out a few grunts here and there. We will call them warrior crys of joy. I knocked out a few reps and I had the look of satisfaction on my face. It was an awesome feeling my friends. As of this week I changed up my training and my diet. I am taking a new approach this coming year. The plan is put on a little bit more size. I always come in the ow 140s time to step it up. I remember coming in around 170 lbs on stage. Those where the good ole days. Bodybuilding with the females is not a size gain as it would be for the men. Here you have to have a nice structure, balance, conditioning and carry the muscle well.

My website has not been given much love. I apologize for that. I will be doing some more updates for you here in the next couple of days. My future goal is to have 4 updates a week for members. There are some really cool websites out there. have been doing a lot of personal training online and at the local gyms here in town. I love helping people reach their goals and living a healthy fit lifestyle. I have also been doing the web cam with personal training and that is interesting. You can do the consultations and go over the exercises and talk about their diet.
In other adventures I am going back to school in January. I am a little bothered as some of my class credits from my previous college are not accepted here. So I may need to take an extra class. I am happy to say that the lord has blessed me with the opportunity to go full time. I love taking on new things. You are never too old to do anything. I always hear people saying I can't do this or that's stupid why would you want to do something like that. i have meet so many negative people and I feel sorry for them as they don't know how to live life. Even when things may be in the worst of things, you always have to keep a positive frame of mind.
hope everyones Thanksgiving was wonderful. Mine was very nice as it was quiet. Music to my ears. On the talk of families, well there is so much I would like to tell you about one particular family but I will keep that to myself. All we can do is smile and move on as here are better things for me to think about.
I haven't told anyone about this but I am in the works of writing about my aunt that is HIV positive. I want to share her story and how she has inspired me. I am also looking forward to writing a book about my life story, which I have been wanting to tell for a long time. Since day one I have been on a journey with many sad and happy endings. I thank God for the power he has given me to overcome the obstacles and make the best of my life through any situation. I feel my life story will inspire others and make them appreciate the little things in life. This world we live in today has lost the value of what love really is all about.

A couple of my friends recently have been calling me the love doctor. LOL. Go figure. I am a magnet for peoples problems. They see me as a good listener and a shoulder to cry on. I try to give people around me the best treatment I can and give them the attention they deserve and then some as we are all special and require a little TLC every now and then. being in this sport some people need a boat load of TLC. LOL. I always hear men and women talk about how they can't meet anyone. Patience. How do you expect to meet someone if you don't go out and mingle. In this sport you can meet people online at the gym, at bb shows etc. Mr. or ms. right is out there, it could be right in front of you and you don't even know it yet.
My sister who will be 16 next month is in love. Shes dating a guy that is a mma fighter and he is very protective of her. Shes happy and I am happy for her. I want to make a special trip back home to meet this guy and see what the hype is all about. Its funny because on myspace hes calling her wifey and they are going back and forth saying I love you to each other. It kinda make syou sick after a while. I tease her all the time about it. As she calls him boo. Shes growing up to fast. I remember like it was yesterday when I was holding her in my arms. She was my little baby sister and now shes the jolly green giant. Here's a picture of my mom. back in the day she use to be a hottie. But I don't think I have ever showed a picture of her.

and of course my crazy grandmother trying on glasses in the eye doctor and I can't forget my sister