Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ms. International Experience

Where do I begin?

There is something I want to share with you before I talk about my experience at the Arnold Classic Ms. International. 3 weeks prior to this I had got a bad case of the common cold and then it turned into the flu. I had already lost some time from the gym and my diet was not where it needed to be. A few days later it seemed I was getting better and it tunrs out I wasn't for 2 days I couldn't move and then I started feeling really bad to the piot where I thought I was going to die. I was having some serious trouble breathing in and out. My whole right side felt like my ribs was broken. I was in so much pain that David had to take me to an emergency walk in cinic. I couldn't stop shaking, and coughing. It turns out I had pnuemonia in my right lung and if David hadn't taken me to the Doctor as soon as he did. I would have been in some serious trouble.
When the doctor told me I had pneumonia and that it was going to take weeks to get over. I saw my prep flash before my eyes. I want to break down and cry as I worked so hard and I couldn't just give up the experience of a lifetime. Its bad enough I was sick for a total of 14 days and 9 of those days I didn't train or do cardio as I was so weak, and had no appetite.
I told myself on the way home I was going to do this show and I was going to get better. I was put on an inhaler, and a bunch of anti-biotics that where the king size pills that had to be taken 2x a day. YUK! I don't care to much for big pills as it makes me want to gag. I think this is from my early years taking the big l-carnitine tablets and they would get stuck in my throat. LOL. it was aweful.
Well the next day I got up and wanted to train and I fell over as I was so dizzy and weak. I did sa little cardio and it took a lot ot of me. So I rested another day. I gradually got back into the swing of things but I lost size and my weight dropped drastically. I was 164 lbs prior to being sick and then I dropped down to 151 lbs. Me and David was amazed that I was still lean and mainted my condition. I was amazed too as usually it doesn't work out like that. The sickness benefit me more than anything except the size and weight loss. It obviously wasn't healthy. The important thing I was feeling better and I was able to do this show.
Well the time came closer and closer. I left for Columbus on Thursday morning. Its maybe about 4 hours or so from Terre Haute, IN. We had to leave early as we had to drop off my bulldog Bunny to the breeder as she promised to watch her for us whike we were away. Bunny was going to meet her brother as the breeder was watching him too. I don't know Bunnys brothers name but they look identical expcept for some markings.
Well we arrived at teh Double Tree in Columbus, and checked in a little after 2 pm. I had to hurry as I had a tanning appiont with Jan Tanna at 3 pm. Then later we had our Ms. International meeting. All of the Double Tree rooms are suites and I loved my room. I was right by the elevator and I had my refrigerator and microwave. I was set.
I went to go get spray tanned and boy that stuff is cold and gives me the tickles when it is put on my skin lol. I love Jan Tannas competion color as it is dark. I had to dry for a few minutes then went back to the room to chill out. I had to be carefuk with my color as I usually tend to bump or touch things and mess it up. LOL
I was in my room watching the sci fi channel when I heard a knock on the door. I thought that was odd and I know it wasn't David as he went to go get some fast food. I said "one second" and the lady said "i will leave your delivery by the door". I thought to myself for a minute and knew I didn't order room service. Unless I was sleep walking again. Well I opened the door and there was this gift basket. I looked at it a coupke times and thought it was delievered to the wrong room. I brought it inside and of course peeked inside the bag and saw this big arrangement of goodies. I opened the bag and pulled out this big gift basket. It was very nice. It made me feel very special. It had lots of goodies like supplements, organic fruits, almonds, whey protein, tuna fish, protein bars, etc. There was also a nice little card that had the Arnold Classic emblem with Arnolds name and Jim Lorimers name imprinted on it. I have this now on my mirror in my bedroom. Well I looked at my clock and noticed it was time to go. The meeting was going to start in a few minutes.
I rushed downstairs and brought my cell phone with me and I regret doing that. I tell you why in a minute. :) Well I got there and there was all these officials. They sat us down and we had to sign some paper work, etc. There was a man talking on the podieum and it was Jim Lorimer. He was very nice and so positive. He cares so much for the athletes. Well all of the sudden my ohine vibrates and I am flipping out as it is on loud and it makes this noise and Jim wasn't too pleased with that. I apologized about that as I forgot to turn it off. I was so focused on getting to the meeting. At that moment I melted in my seat. I won't do that again. Well we got our list of the order we were going to called in and I was number 13. What a lucky number right :)
We got our Arnold packet, with our Ms. International badge, and our set of VIP tickets foro one guest. The competitors then went on a bus where they showed us where we will be performing at the expo and the other venue. Thank God they provide us with free shuttle. Afterwards I went back to the hotel and crashed. I was dead tired.
The next morning I woke up early as I had to be at my makeup and hair stylist at 7am. I was so weak. After that I went back to the room and chilled till 10:45 am as we had to be on the shuttle aroubd that time to get to the expo. Was I nervous. A little. I had no idea how I was goign to look amongst the top professional bodybuildersin the world. As you all know I have some big dreams I want to fill in the professional ranks. One of those dreams is to compete at the Ms. Olympia not just once but several times. i love this sport and I love what I do. It takes a lot of HEART and discipline not to mention mental FOCUS to do it. I will be there sooner than you know it.
Well we waited a little bit before going on stage. My confidence level was very high, and I was PROUD to be competing with these amazing athletes. Now I want to share my best memorable experiences with you. The competitors were all nice and nobody trreated me like the underdog. I was surprised about that. There were only a select few that really caught my attention and it was amazing to carry a coinversation with them. Iris Kyle absolutly has a physique that is on another level. Its amazing. She is a walking anatomy chart and her look for this show was out of this world. I talked to her a couple times and she is just so down to earth and so laid back. Which is very cool. David is a big fan of hers and was also impressed. She carries herself so well and is a great representative of the sport. Another person that really caught my attention too was Yaxeni. This woman is beautiful and carries her muscle very well. Yaxeni is has some big muscles and it fits her physique nicely. She helped me out so much. I felt bad as I kept on asking her question s about what they were doing on the stage, etc. She explained everything to me, with her strong venezulan accent. Lastly Betty Viana, Dayana, and Heather, were just so laid back and down to earth. I really apperciate the ladies and for making me feel at home.
Prejudging was starting and I was confident as I knew I belonged up there with the rest tof the professionals and I also knew that I would fit in. They called me out and I made sure my presentation was good and I was smilling. I wasn't nervous one bit. The only thing that did bother me was my abdominal pose as I knew I knew I wasn't hitting it the way I should have been. Well I didn't get top 6 call out but I did get my number called out next for the 7th spot which I was happy with that. I always get close but no cigar. I immediatly knew what my problem was. i was a tad small and I need to be crisp. My muscles needed to be denser and more defined. Its all a learning process. I do wonder what i would look like had I not got sick.
After prejudging I got back the Double Tree and as soon as got out of the Elevator. Bill Comstock stopped me and asked if I would like to shoot with Per Bernal. Of course I said yes as Per Bernal is one of the greatest photograghers around and that to me was one of my dreams come true. I walked in this room and on my right was all these goodies like candy, fruit, soda, and water. Then a lady approached me which turned out to be Pers wife. She assits him with his shoots which I thin is so cute. I have kept track of Pers work for a long time as he does amazing work and knows how to capture the momment. Well anyway, I did a quick shoot in my prejudging suit and he told me I have beautiful lines and a nice shape. I was very flatterd and took the compliment very well as he has been aroud the business for a long time and has a eye for good things :). I was done and then Ed Pariso walks in and me and David had a quick conversation with him. He was very friendly, and a fun fact about him is he is a piolet and Betty Pariso is his Co Piolet. How cute is that.
Me and David then went to grab some grub. I had to eat a bunless hamburger with french fries. YUMMY. It was a pretty good burger but my only complaint was the wait time as there wasn't many people in the restuarant. I was okay with it as we had a very sweet waitress. Now if we had a someone who was a little rude I would have turned into Linda Blair from the exorcist. LOL just kidding!!!!!!!!
Well afterwards i had to rush back to the room and change into my prejudging. CJ from Unique physiques sponsored me with a new suit for the night show. it was so sweet of her. My suit was Gorgeous. I felt bad as I kept on asking her to fix my suit. i can be a pain in the butt sometimes. Anyway, CJ got me covered and took grat care of me. SHe is so cute and funny. She tells it how it is. Cj has a heart of gold.
okay here is the funny thing. I forgot my posing routine and had to improvise one. LOL. Before we did our routines all the competitors kined up and we all walked out to be introduced. So I am standing there and I am looking down at the front and down in the left corner Arnold was sitting there next to Jim Lorimer. I had to take a double look. LOL. I couldn't stop looking over. A few years ago I meet Arnold as I went to his birhtday party in La with Mike Morris and Joanna thomas. It was an amazing experience. I shaked his hand and Mike Morris got an autogragh on a napkin. LOL. Anyway I am on that stage glancing over at Arnold. It was so cool to see him sitting there. Well then I started thinking "oh great, I forgot my routine, thats going to look really good". LOL. They call my name out and I do my lat spread and then step back. later on it was my turn to do my routine and I improvised it to the song Halo by beyonce. I thought it waent pretty good. Of course I threw in a split in there. :)
Afterwards I knew I didn't have the top 6 but I stuck around for a little bit as I wanted to see Iris win as she looked absolutly stunning. WOOHOO. Me and David head back to the shuttle so we can go and relax. David and I were decding where to go eat. I wanted to go to Schimdts in the german village in Columbus. They are known for their susages which were very good. Me and David had a bahama mama. YUMMY! I got back to the hotel and fell alseep.
I had to work the booth at Species Saturday morning at 10 am. Colette nelson designed these very sexy catsuits for all the species girls. I loved it as it was a halter catsuit. I will show you guys a picture later. I knew that was going to be crazy. It was. There were tons of people there. I couldn't breath. But the time went by fast. We then left there and went to the North Market which is know for their wide varities of exotic foods and the markets. I had some indian cuisine. I love indian food. I also had some italian which wasn't that great. :(

Congrats to Kai Greene on his big win. Way to get it done. he worked super hard and earned it.
The next morning I worked the Species Booth and it was fun. Triple H was there signing autograghs. I was handing out Species calenders and signing autograghs. I had a lot of fun.
I have been asked what my next show is going to be. I don't kjnow to be honest. But I am leaning torwards taking time off and ficusing on my offseason since its been a good while since I have had a offseason. I need at least 6 months. I'm not sure yet what the plan is. I will keep you informed but for now I am offseason.

I want to thank David for supporting me as much as he has. He has stood behind me since day one. He kept me in line adn made sure I was on it. I wasn't the easiest person to deal with LOL, neither was he. he did so much for me getting ready for this show. Thank you so much David. I love you very much XOXOXO