Monday, August 1, 2011

One for the Records for NPC USAs

Las Vegas was jam packed with heavily armed, muscled, and fit bodies as the NPC USAs had over 640+ competitors. What great turnout and this one will go down in the books.

One of the coolest pictures from the show is New IFBB Pro Luis Santa (left won middleweights) and Steve Kuclo (right won super heavy and overall)

I have watched Steve from the beginning when he first got started in bodybuilding. Steve's put a lot of time in the sport and his body. Not to mention he is a mustang guy too and I recall he has a bad azz Cobra. I also think he just recently got married. Look at this physique. Bravo Steve on a job well done. I look forward to seeing you in the Pros

                                                      Steve Kuclo Super Heavy winner and Overall winner, New IFFB PRO

Luis Santa Middleweight winner New IFBB Pro

Another one that is well deserved John Delarosa..way to go
Now I will take you to the New Division of Women's Physique. I think its a great call for those who want to be fit and in shape. Here are the 3 new IFBB Pros

Simply Beautiful the New IFBB Pro for Womens Physique (WP). I loved her looked. It is gorgeous with very nice lines

Patricia Wood Women's Physique (WP)Beautiful Face and cute body 
La Drissa Bonivel Women's Physique (WP) Very pretty

With Women's Bodybuilding they awarded pretty physiques with good muscles and not overly muscled which can hinder sometimes the shape of a physique. Congrats to the 2 new pros

The overall winner for Women's Bodybuilding and New IFBB Pro Robyn Mentgen
Big Shoulders :) Congrats on your victory and welcome to the pros
Judy Gaillard New IFBB Pro Women's Bodybuilding

These guys worked damn hard to get to Las Vegas and I have also got to see your journey and progress. I wish nothing but the best for these guys.
Blair Mone....a genetic freak and massive bodybuilder that reminds me of a buff John Travolta. You want to meet someone who trains insane with weights its this guy right here
remember How I was telling you about the special engagement with my friend Joey and his girl well if things couldn't get any better he placed top 5 in the welterweights and I am so proud of this guy. Very dedicated and passionate about the sport. He has got an incredible physique and awesome side and back shots...
Michelle Devere...Such a pretty physique she has to look at with nice lines. Michelle loves bodybuilding and puts so much heart, passion and dedication into it. I am very proud of her and her accomplishments. She is a ball of fire, so look out :)
Many of you know Kira Newman. She has a pretty physique and she recently competed in the Hoosier muscle and the Indiana State where she won both shows. Hopefully we will see her later on at maybe North American or Nationals