Monday, August 15, 2011

some people have all the fun.....

Just wanted to pop in real quick as a certain Colts fan is having fun as you can see in these photos.

Oh I have learned a lot of interesting things in the last two months like my obsession with gnomes and some other things that made me puke. Moving onward....on a positive one I'm celebrating and will be doing what I love the most at least 5 more times before the end of the year. No its not Colts games but you can bet your tail I will be there for some of the good ones and some aways like the Bucs game.

I trained legs today and it was short and sweet. I had a few people approach me in the gym commenting on my arms and telling me I need to get them in shape. I also had a guy that is a crew member give me a free excusrion for a sea turtle encounter for a training program. Now that is cool. I guess I had an effect on him with my bodybuilding. He showed me all his supplements and asked my opinion and now I am his close friend LOL. Well I am blessed. I met more people tonight that worked with my crazy cruise friend who is actually my waiter and assistant. I have so much to tell you but till later