Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ricks Smokehouse...Best BBQ in Terre Haute

It doesn't get any better than this. Rick's Smokehouse in Terre Haute really knows BBQ. I'm sure you've seen the great commercials of Rick singing the smokehouse tune. :) One of the things I really love once you enter the restaurant is the family atmosphere. You feel the love once you walk in. Great staff too and very caring to the customer. You also can't help but notice all the cool piggy knick knacks, and a few other things around the restaurant. As for the food. Everything is good.  One of my favorites is the rib tips, and of course the beef brisket. You may find yourself ordering a little it of everything on the menu.

Ricks Smokehouse also has a location inside the Honey Creek Mall as well. be sure to stop y there if your in the mall shopping or wanting a quick bite to eat. Here is Rick himself and his lovely wife. Great people. Thanks for the A W E S O M E ...and YUMMMMMY BBQ