Monday, August 8, 2011

Trust Fall and The Mouth Watering Weber Grill Food

Happy Monday and I hope you have a great week.

I love Daniel Tosh(Tosh.0) and here is a funny

Surprise test fall LOL

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Surprise Trust Falls
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Well I have a few more days till I'm off and then its back to the books for me. Some of you may of noticed I deleted my talk of Nationals, etc from my previous blog. I got some "good" news over the weekend with some other things I have planned, that I'm gonna keep my lip zipped. I will keep you posted. I'm seeing my one of my closest friends and I will be seeing her a few times so it has to be right. Its hard to explain but trust me when I say it has to be right or better yet confirmed. So let me not say anything. *smile

Anyways....What did you think of Boo in a few blogs back??
Here is Bunny laying out as she likes the rain. She still has some pink nail polish on lol

I helped my friend out with the kids going school shopping as they needed an extra hand. She was nice and took me and the kids out to Weber Grill (one of my favorites)

Its really a real person right here waiting to get his picture taken lol(I'm kidding)

The open kitchen with yes Weber Grills behind the counter

The crowd and check out the funny guy (I love it)

The Weber sampler. The ribs are the finger licking GOOOOD

  Can you guess which one is mine??


You may think this is all mine but its not at all. I'm not that greedy. Well.......actually not to brag but I have a BIG appetite

 Here is mine The Wisconsin Burger on a Pretzel bun with CHEDDA mmmmmm.

a Fillet Mignon and another burger that the kids ordered LOL