Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bad Hair day and the attack of the Rams not to mention the Gnome Getaway

I woke up this morning dead tired and looked like a frizz ball so I said why not take a picture lol.

My Colts Gnome is my best friend and yesterady he was so upset he wanted to get away and today since he is the most interesting man in the world why not have a Dos Equis XX to take away the sting that the Rams gave the Colts in a 33-10 final yesterday.
 Look Rams..its only preseason so don't get all excited you beat us. Our beloved Peyton is recovering and wen he returns "LOOK OUT". In the mean time the gnome needed a getaway and he got one. So this is the pilot boat that guides the ships in and out of port. Here is a up close shot of one. Well gnome is all over the place so dont be surprised to see him here and there. Hes a lot to handle lol.

Lastly to my good friend who sent me pictures of the cats. i absoulttly loved them. You know how I love animals. I should have called hercules Mr. Cuddlesworth. He is always cuddling and I LOVE to cuddle or in my words snuggle. :)