Monday, August 29, 2011

Enjoy life, make the best of it and totally have fun in the process.  I'm a ray of sunshine, and no one is going to take that away from me :). I  love being a foodie, traveler, and a lot of other things *smile*. Most importantly I love being me. In less than 60 days I will be in Barcelona, Spain. I told you I'm a adventurer *wink. I can't wait for October as lots of things are going on such as Great White Cage Diving in San Francisco off the Fallon Islands. I'm scared out of my mind on that. Yes, I like to do wild out there things and of course the impossible. Thats just me. I try to motivate others to live their life and stop making excuses. Anyway, I'm trying to put together right now a review of the Carnival Victory and there are so many pictures not to mention I don't want to miss certain details.

South beat North this weekend. BOOOO. The crowd was huge and people were rowdy as some had been lit up prior to the game tailgating. My own thoughts are I wish there was more action, as it wasn't lively enough for me. North wasn't on the ball as they should of been. Till next year. The Terre Haute block party was nice as I never would imagine I would be walking down the middle of the street doing splits and then laying on the middle on the road LOL I .never done those things before and I always like to try and explore new things. (pictures to come btw). Me and my firefighter friend sat in the middle of the street people watching the party people and intoxicated people walk from one side of the street to the other. Its funny seeing hwo they act. I saw some people that was "classic" Terre Haute common folk. The night was fun and got to see some of the boys that lift at the Rec down there too.

My ears are still ringing from the loud roar of the pipes on a huge hog I rode yesterday. I was sad as it was also the last call at BW3s as they will be closed for a week due to the remodel. What are we going to do??? LOL

I will write more later