Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ive had a long morning so far lol. Hung out with a few friends early this morning before I went to do early cardio around 4:15 in the morning. Yep im a early bird. I went to Umi grill and sushi last night and I'm still feeling the sushi this morning....poor me. I do have some food porn pics from my sushi night if your a sushi fan. Will post later. If you haven't noticed I'm a foodie:).

Well Im still stalling on those Victory pictures only for the simple fact because I have over 900 pictures. I cant even begin to think how many pictures i will take in October. Im going to try and take a power nap if I can. Wish me luck. It seems like everyday has been a real adventure and it keeps getting better *wink. Hold on to your hats as its going to be a bumpy ride. This weekend is going to be a lot of fun but I will tell you later as I really need this power nap....... Zzzzzzzzzzz