Friday, August 5, 2011

Natioanl Night Out a Huge Sucess In Terre Haute

I want to take a moment and thank the law enforcement agencies, Mayor Duke Bennet, the American Red Cross, and other organizations that participated in the National Night Out. So many families came out and then some others came out of the wood work. :) I helped out the American Red Cross walking around and handing out water. It was water madness. I got stopped by a couple of kids who wanted thier picture taken with me and then some others became my new fans. There was another incident where a mom walked up to me and told me her son was in love with me lol. How cute is that. I took a picture with him and his sister. It was sweet.

It was so great helping out and meeting people in the community. I even gave water a few times to mayor Duke Bennet. Very nice guy and down to earth. :)

Some pictures but they don't do jusitice as you just had to be there. Here is my first picture. You know I am huge Colts fan. I saw this guy from the side and noticed his blue beard but when I approached him to talk Colts I then noticed his eyes...Pretty wild and he certainly bleeds blue for the Colts

It was a hot hot day and I need to have one these for my place... :)

West Terre Haute got the new Dodge Chargers, how sweet is that. Pretty nice ride. I'd still like to see a Camaro or a Challenger as a cop car:)

Typical pictures from the event..Lots of people

A search a rescuse dog...very sweet German Shepard. This was there way of staying cool.

The dunking tank where anyone could volunteer to be dunked :)

Terre Haute Special Response Team (SRT) ..SWAT putting on a show for the crowd. Sorry folks I was way onthe other side lol. so I didn't get a close shot

More crowd pictures...

Live band and pretty good too..

Swamp boat about loud and looks fun

Hay Rides.....I missed my chance

The Serrif Posse

All in all it was a great time