Monday, August 15, 2011

Making the best of it

Its just me and the gnome doing the conga and eating like royalty not to mention seeing some places here and there. I am and will admit "shocked" as the outcome wasn't suppose to be like this. My gnome is ready to work out right now and then have some breakfast and explore a few things. I have a long week and I can tell you now my feet are throbbing from wearing heels yesterday lol. "HELP"!!! I'm starting a thing now with the gnome and capturing his adventures and silly ones at that. I will keep you posted. Its just us and on here I am surrounded by a ton of avatars. Then on the flip side there is lots of Latin flavor too. But as I usually would say it is never the same and hasn't been but I still manage and be silly ole me. I had a AWESOME table last night right near the water. I LOVE the water and have an obsession with it lol. Explains when I wanted to be a Marine Biologist in my younger days of college and I'm a Florida girl with some island in me :) I will say the MDR did not impress me and I am really shock howthe MDR is runned and my Dessi would straighten that out real fast. I got asked and actually picked on top of that about how much I eat. Well I showed him lol. The service not only to me others around me was so bad I skipped out on the melting cake and just left.  I did meet a couple of people that have worked with her. I always hear people say about her that she is bouncing all over the place and lol she really does haha. I miss her and some other things as its not replacable. I will be seeing her real soon and I think as much as she is gonna see me sees gonna get sick of me. OH Well she will ust have to deal with that ...hahaha. I can't stop singing and dancing around too. Something else about me you didn't know. I LOVE music and can't live with out it. :) Lat night was really kicking and the crowd was jumping.

Time to go to the gym and get my flex on. Can't be skimping out on that as I love working out too much. SO does the gnome. Its sad about a few things but hey one has to look at the bright side of things and I always do. will write more later on today ..I promise