Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fa La La

I was preparing my meals his morning making about a dozen egg whites mixed with a festive medley of green onions, green peppers, and red peppers topped with a smidge of hot jalapeno cheese sauce. I was looking at the name on the sauce and it was called Gordo's. Well in Spanish Gordo = Fat. That's probably the last time I eat that stuff again lol.

Yesterday I spent half my evening at Walmart shopping for Christmas lights and figuring out the ones I really wanted. There are some certain icicle lights that are multi function led that look like they are falling snowflakes. Its hard to explain. I just decorated my front windows with blue and white led multi function lights and then added some snowflake window clings. My apartment is the only one on its block that stands out lol. I'm proud of it. I also put lights on the rails and up on top of my kitchen shelving with big red poinsettias (fake). This is a start of my decorating. I want to buy a couple of Christmas trees too. Fake of course. I love Christmas and decorating. I want to make a gingerbread house. I never made one and this will be the first year for that if I decide to do it.

Sunday I went to the Colts game and I knew knew knew something told me not to go. We really got creamed by the chargers in this game. After the 2nd quarter it was a done deal. Manning got sacked, then we had a interception, etc. etc. I left during the last 10 mins of the 4th quarter and so did everyone else too lol. Traffic was not pretty. Here are a few pictures
From my seat.......

I should have did a before and after with the crowd. Here is a before

Indiana State University Sycamores Marching Band for half time. Go Sycamores!

I was eating my tuna special and a certain someone hint hint. Seems to love eating whatever I am eating. Inferno can eat and he is like a garbage disposal. He kept meowing at me to I finally gave in

My back is sore as I did a few sets of heavy deadlifts yesterday at the rec center. Hours will be changing soon and there is a time I think December 22 that they will be closed till January 3rd I think. Luckily I have other memberships. I may be vacation around that time :)
I know in January I will be away from the snow and enjoying someplace warm and tropical.

Going to train and then running errands

Talk to you later going to train and then running my errands.