Monday, December 6, 2010

Can we Please get a Break

I crashed and burned last night after watching Dexter. I actually began writing my Colts blog and feel asleep lol. With this season of Dexter, its driving me nuts about Chase Jordan, we have no idea how this season is going to end.

I decided to snap a few pictures, and I look a mess ..I know not to mention, I have my "serious" game face on and I mean business lol. I know he's not playing but I still sport my Bob Sanders has sentimental value to me *wink. I have too many sweet, loving and happy memories, not too mention some really good laughs. Here some snaps.

Put me in coach i will show those Cowboys a thing or too. You know there was a comedian that made a joke about how people wear the jerseys and go a little extreme with their fan apparel as they must think the coach is going to call them in to play in the game. I probably just messed the joke up but ti was funny when the comedian said it. So I put these stickers on my cheeks which remind me of the biore strips. I thought it looked cute and then I saw the pictures and got a little skeptical. I decided to take them off, and that was a struggle. These stickers would not come off...ha ha. The were literally stuck on me. Finally I was able to rip those things off. Och! Imagine ripping a band aid off really fast. I then wondered if this was how the biore strip was invented. I wasn't too pleased with my wild messy hair. LOL....It has a mind of its own. I easily fixed that and put my favorite Colts hat on. Viola...Presto.

Yesterday's game was for once an actually good game. Its was off to a good start for me as I got a $60 dollar parking for 30 bucks. Woohoo.That was the my super saver of the day. I was at the edge of my seat at today's game, and was actually in the same seat I was in from the last game.

I won't lie I was a disappointed Colt as I wanted my team to do very well. I know and understand its really hard for us right now due to our huge injury list. I never seen so many Colts under one roof. I was surrounded by some fun people and we were all getting rowdy. LOL. There were quite a few people being escorted out of the game as well. A couple of people threw their drinks on the field lol as they were a little p.o. about the Cowboys. I can't blame them. Trust me I wasn't in the best of moods until the 2nd half were we started to put it together. A couple of my friends wanted to hang out after the game. I told them it depends on whether we win or lose ha ha. I won't be too peachy if we lose. Our group in our section was getting really into the game. I love being surrounded by people like this. When we scored we started dancing around and high fiving everybody. I have to say the best play was that block and then the touchdown was awesome.

Booooooooooooo the Cowboys.

Every one's waiting around to see the final outcome in OT......and we know what happened after that. Our boys did work very hard but the Cowboys were playing as if it was their butts on the line or else. They had a rocky season start for sure.We were sooooooo close. It kills me. I have been to the last three games and I just wish we can get a break here.