Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Blessings and Many More

Thank You soooooo much to those who have blessed me with a opportunity to compete in the Arnold Classic Ms. International. I am truly honored to be amongst the best IFBB Pros in the world. This was the best Xmas gift ever. I received a text message a few days before Xmas telling me congrats. I had no idea what the congrats was for, but finally found out and you couldn't wipe the smile off my face. I am truly grateful.

I want to touch on a little girl that stole my heart. I was flying back on stand by on Air Tran, and I really didn't think I would make it as it was completely booked. I have a Elite status which gives you priority standby. I was lucky as finally I got called after everyone was boarded to get on the plane. 25 C an aisle seat, was the lucky spot which I was going to be sitting for the total 2 hour flight. The window seat was empty and I thought I was going to get lucky. Finally this tiny little girl came and sat next to me. She was very quiet and when the Flight Attendant asked her if she understood her directions she would simply nod her head yes. She was quite adorable. She had put her little blue bag under the seat in front of us and then put on her headphones and started dancing to music. Absolutely precious. Then she pulled out this medium sized bear with a tag that said Cookie and she gave it a big hug and held it close to her. After an hour and a 20 mins into flight she then asked me what kind of songs I liked. I told her Black Eye Peas "I got a feeling" and sure enough she had it on her mp3 player. She said that was one of her favorite songs. Then she started talking about how her mother and father were divorced, and how she was on her way to see her mother in Indianapolis. I asked her how old she was and she said she was 7 years old. I wanted to cry. She had a beautiful name Victoria and her middle name was Brooke. Her favorite color was blue. She also loved oreos, cinnamon toast crunch and doritos LOL... She was so talkative to me and we bonded very well. She made my day.

Lately, I have been living the Adventure. This is who I am, and it is what I love. I'm very outgoing and always believed that when an opportunity knocks take it ") ...so I do *smile. I have learned a lot over the last months. I have been a young girl who isn't afraid to learn from her mistakes. I am by far... perfect. No one is perfect. Over the last few days I have learned a few things that doesn't surprise me. If I want to do something I do it. It seems in this day and age, people have to have reasons or logical explanations if they even want to go for a stroll down the street lol. I have every business to do as I please because I can. If I want to cruise so be it, If I want to fly to go train at Venice Golds or Metro Flex or whatever else ...I can. Same applies to my school, where I live, etc. Speaking of which I will be taking flying lessons some time this year. I will be a little nervous thats for sure :) Next month, I had planned to head out to Denver, Colorado the first week of January for skiing as I hear it is marvelous in the Rockies. Now that's set back to April. Then a few weeks later I was going cruising again :). None of those journeys matter now now at all. When I found out about the Invite, nothing mattered. It is all eat sleep Drink bodybuilding. Enough said. This is contest top priority. Now after the show that's different. Yes I'm planning a cruise after the show :) and then we have our New Indiana show in South Bend the last week of March. Then the first weekend in April we have the contest in Evansville, IN. The next day I head out to Panama City for a week. Yeah!! I got travel fever. I am going to work so hard for this show, this will be my reward.

BUT....I will say people talk a lot lol.... I haven't updated my site for a long time and that is my choice. It is in the works of a new web designer and I will be taking down the members section. Further more, the best ways to keep up to date with me on my journeys is my Blog or my Facebook.

So I was thinking of going to Las Vegas for New Years or even New York. I decided no NYC for me as its WAYYYY to crowded. I will be flying out to Florida for a few days Rocking the New Year. I know some of you others will be having a wonderful new year with friends, family and celebrating some very special times. make the best of it and "party like a rockstar"
Be safe yah'll and Happy New Year!