Saturday, November 6, 2010

Badda Bing

Happy Birthday to my aunt or as I called her growing up Ti Ti Evelyn. She is a young 50 years old today. As many of you know from my past blogs, Evelyn has been battling A.I.D.S. for many years. I respect my my ti ti as she has a lot of inner strength and drive. She has had it very hard, and no matter what she still jokes around and keeps a positive attitude. Today we had a nice conversation and she was laughing and joking even though she wasn't feeling too good. I never seen a person with so much spirit as my aunt. She recently got a new home with a pool and she calls it her little heaven. Well in our conversation today we were talking about roller coasters as she loves going to theme parks. She's the one that educated me on Cedar Point as she is a veteran from their coasters. She wants to go to a theme park but its too cold for her right now. So later today the family is planning to take her to Bob Marley's in City Walk where she just wants to dance and have a few red stripes :) Happy Birthday ti ti. I love you.

I have been training more frequently now at the gym. I took a little break as my body once in a while appreciates that. I have never been any stronger than what I am now. It feels nice. I had a superb chest workout and a monstrous pump. My Saturday night was fun but I cut it short as I have new baby to take care of.

At first pookie mouse was not too thrilled about him. Here is an example. She would watch the kitten play and then hiss but the other day they finally played for the first time. Its a relief for me as I didn't think Pookie would change. The only problem now is they run around the house and up and down the stairs, especially at night. Now my boy is very smart. He knows how to open my doors lol. He will jump up and hang on the handle to open my door. He is no fool lol. One thing I notice is he is most active in the evening time like late night. During the day he sleeps and sleeps. Which a few days ago i layed on my bed to take a nap and realized someone had tinkled on my bed lol. I was not a happy camper. His name should be Mr. Tinkles.. *wink. I take him to Pets Smart as much as I can to get him socialized. I walk him on a ferret leash and he goes around the store like he's king until he see's a dog then acts tough hisses and runs. He is very loving with people and very calm. When we go for a ride in the car he lays on my lap. I never seen a cat like this lol. I will keep you updated on him.

I took a bit of time yesterday cleaning the house, mopping the floors, and putting stuff together to donate for the Light House Mission. I needed a break so I scrambled some egg whites with mushrooms, green and red peppers, and a little bit of Swiss cheese. It was good!!! Then I watched cast away earlier and cried my eyes out when Tom Hanks came back to his lost love...I'm a sap for movies folks. :) You had me at hello *wink *wink

Holidays are coming fast. I am debating on a fresh Christmas tree or a fake one. The time to get your tree is right after thanksgiving. You go to the tree farm and chop chop and its all yours. Just make sure there are no squirrels in it like in the movie Christmas Vacation. I remember at Thanksgiving when I was young we used to launch potatoes in the potato launcher. How country is that lol.

I'm happy to say after Thanksgiving is over I will be going on a Baja cruise for a few days. I am looking forward to that. Unlimited grade A steaks, chicken breast, salad bar, and a good quality gym.. you can't beat that. I just wish the dumbbells went up to at least 150 lbs. I'm not that lucky though. I still can't believe how much stronger I am after my break. Next month we have our Indiana NPC meeting for the judges and promoters. I will keep you posted.

I need to find a photographer to take professional pictures of me, bunny, and the cats. I am going to buy all of them Colts jerseys or we can do holiday outfits. I am going to use the photos as holiday cards and also for advertising in the local paper here in town for my pet fitness program.
Its sleepy time..