Thursday, December 30, 2010

I'm in for a Ride

I got to the airport on time checked in my bags at curbside as I like to say hi to my friend from time to time. I then parked my car, got my carry on luggage and proceeded to walk to the entrance to the airport. Then it happen. As I entered the terminal walking with my new cowboy boots I somehow slide across the floor and almost did a split LOL. I was a pretty funny sight and yes there were people around. As down to earth as I laughed about it and got my belongings and head my way to security. The line was long ad lucky for me at Indianapolis Airport, If you have the frequent flier points you get priority access through security. There was only two people in that line, me and another woman. I could feel the "looks" from the other travelers hitting me and I just payed no mind and went my merry way.

I'm on the plane now and you know when I sit here and think about it it would be kind of neat if there was a way I could train on the plane somehow. I don't mean toe raises, finger push-ups, and all that jazz. Don't get me wrong it is a great way to get the blood flowing through your body. I would like to have a space to where I can do band resistance training, ab crunches, pull ups, etc. My private Jet would have some type of exercise equipment :). I will be meeting up this morning with old friend this morning and it should be interesting...quite interesting I might add.

I've added a new adventure to my game plan while I am in Florida. Being that I am going to visiting for a few days, I decided to go to Key West as well. I love the Keys and and Key West is one to see. Erica's B day is in a few days and later this afternoon I will be taking her to Bob Marley's in City Walk for lunch and listen to their live band. I love my sister very much, and would do anything for them. Just so that we are on the same page my sister is going to be 17 years old and we have many years apart which makes us very special. Being the sweet warm hearted nice person I am, as a thoughtful present I will be flying up my sister and my mother for the Arnold Classic. Now if I can convince grandma to go (shes afraid of heights). This will be the first time they have seen me compete in a long long time.

I will Also be looking at living properties in Dr. Phillips, Metrowest, and around my favorite gym the 24 Golds. Prices aren't too bad for homes. and townhouses. Hopefully, I can get an idea of whats Hot and whats not. I would like to have a 3 bedroom. A play room for my furry friends/ office and then another room I will make into a mini gym :)

We are almost in Orlando and 15 mins early...:)

I'm going to sign off of here. Again Happy Holidays...Happy New Year ..especially to those celebrating happy times and memorable times *wink *wink

Love you all
See you next year!!!!!!!!!!