Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Put that in your pipe and Smoke it you Bah Humbuggers

Just wanted to drop a line and wish you and your loved ones a Merry Xmas. I know many of you have been so excited about the Holiday traffic, not to mention the long gurgling lines to checkout. Its almost over folks...Well not really as people are after the post Christmas deals and taking back the things like the triple xxx sweater with the clown on it from your Aunt Olga *wink. How sweet. Christmas is all about the thought that counts. I know families that repack gifts from last year and give them out again at this years Xmas LOL I am going to get my picture taken with Santa today if I can beat the crowd LOL.

My ideal Xmas is sipping on "spiked" egg nog, eating a hearty holiday meal, and watching Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation and Elf. Having a few good laughs is fun fun fun.

As some of you know I recently took my sister on a cruise with Carinival and it was fun.
Did I mention she is an ice cream addict? Every day early in the morning aroudn 3 am she would go and get ice cream and pizza lol. She is a riot and we are so much alike.

I will be cruising next month again as well. I have taken a new hobby which is writing articles about my travel adventures cruising and other things. The first week of January for a few days I am going to Denver, Colorado for skiing. I have been and I am a little worried as I can be a klutz. I can see myself going down a hill and then falling and rolling over and over...och! I am sure I will do something silly. I absolutely must check out the airport as well as I want to see these famous murals I have heard Jesse Ventura talk so much about. I will get some pictures.

Oh I brought my Bengal over to a friends house as it was a girls get together. The new name of my Bengal is (Leo)nardo. To tell you the truth he responds to it very well. Leo is an amazing cat. He follows me ever where I go and he jumps on anything he can. he loves high places. He is like no ordinary cat lol. The other day I caught him grooming Bunny. he was licking her eye boogies(gross). I guess that's LOVE :). I take Leo out and he does very well with people. As soon as you pick him up his purring motor goes crazy. He's sweet. Pookie likes him even though she will have her moody moments. They battle over my affection and it can get a little chaotic. I spoil them rotten.

A few days ago I saw something and I had to have it. I found me a good size Colts gnome. It was staring me in the face when I was shopping. I bought it as I have always wanted to take pictures of places I go or things I do with my Gnome. I will post a picture of him later. Then I went and bought a Romero Britto tote... If you don't know who he is
He is an amazing artist and very adored.

I am having fun and making the best of things. People who know me know I like to have fun and do things last minute. I went to Ruth Chris Steakhouse the other night and that was yummy. The bill on the other hand was not delightful but when You have an appetite like mine :) well you know. Please check out my facebook isabelle turell as I always keep it updated for the public. I actually posted a picture of my cowboy ribeye.. delicious

I want some chili right about now, talk to you later. I have to get a workout in now.