Sunday, December 5, 2010

Going the distance

Well I have to brag. I just got the Droid X as my Blackberry Storm had a mild heartattack. Now its back on but it does me no good. lol. My friend that is a Verizon manager talked me into the Droid X. I am waiting on the Iphone which verizon is said to be releasing soon. Going from Blackberry to an Android took a lot of convincing. I have been a avid Blackberry fan for years. I have had the Curve, Pearl and recently the Storm. Forget the blackberry messenger app. Hello to the millions of Android Apps. The Droid is very technical which is up my alley as I love hi tech gadgets and I like having the latest technology. The one downfall I find is the battery life. On a scale of 1-10 I give it a 9. Theres an ap for everything.
Some of my favorite apps are
Advanced Task killer
Barcode Scanner
Convert pad
Urban dictionary
Text meg away message
whats the best deal Pro
Of course I have other aps that are more fun, like soundboards, EMS medical stuff, Games, Exercise stuff, etc. I absolutely love my Droid

I woke yesterday and there was a about 2-3 inches of snow on the ground. A beautiful site to look at when the snow settles on the trees but on the ground in some areas it was turning into slush. I had to go get my recert for CPR at the Phelham Medical Training center in Bloomington. The easiest way to get there was to go take the back roads on 46. I past through some cute Indiana towns and as I was about 11 miles away from my destination Isabelle went on a ride. I felt liek I was on Disney Worlds Mad Hatter Tea Cup ride lol. I slide into a ditch and it look like car was slightly tipped to where it could roll over lol. I got out and I almost fell into the slush snow water. It was very slippery especially with the mud. I look at the car for damage and there was none from what I could see so far. I had so many nice people stop and ask me for help. It was snowing outside and there I am on the side of the road. I'm a tough cookie. In all my time here in Indiana, this was the first ditch experience. ha ha. I remember driving in the parking lot and being taught how how to manuever through the snow when you slide. That was fun lol. I had a young Army guy come over and help me. Very nice of him to stop and help. Then there was another gentlemen who offered to tow me out. A cop stopped and helped me too. Very nice people. I was blessed and very thankful. My car got pulled out and sure enough just as expected there was no damage. The way it feel in I really thought there was going to be. I will be trading the car in soon as I have my eyes set on a Camaro. I felt so relieved when I knew there was no damage. I head on to the class and it was a nice facility. Phelham has been in business for 12 years and have a very good track record for their training. They are among the top schools in the US that have the accelerated program. The passing rate is very good too. Now with the Paramedic program your signing your life away and that is suppose to be worse than medical school.

I want some Chili....... :) I know what kind of chili I want and its not the kind that everyone is used too. I tried to make my own but by far its not the same. I like taking the chili and mixiing it with my meals. It adds a kick.

I will be going tot he Cowboys game this afternoon. We better win this won. PLEASE..for Pete's sake. lol. Ticketmaster has great seats but Holy Smokes they hit you with a $29.85 handling fee vs Stub Hubs $19.90 fee. Of course I went with Stub Hub section 144 again like last time row 8 ..Yeah! I'm praying that Manning has no interceptions or sacks. He is not on his game as he doesn't have his normal starters. We don't have Dallas Clark.. :(
Will this be another Blunder Bowl ?

I will be heading to the gym to get my groove on with the weights around noon. Should be fun. I have my eyes set on competing in the NY Pro. My family can come out and cheer me on since they live in the city. OMG that would be hilarious as they will absolutely be screaming and yelling for me. I have a long ways to go prep wise. Its nice to start very early and pace yourself. Usually I can diet in less than 8 weeks. But I am changing things up. I will be taking on Charles Glass guidance and the help of one of my friends. When I was a actor I loved the stage and loved the spotlight. Life is a stage. I will keep you posted on updates.

I won't set it in stone yet, but if I can work it out. I may be cruising for a few days next weekend. A short getaway as always. My cruise friend is back to work tomorrow starting on a 9 day cruise. In January I have my eyes set on a back to back sailing with her of course. She's so much fun. If I want 40 grilled chicken breast I get it. The only downfall for me is the rocking on the ship when you are training. The stabilizers on the ship help reduce the rocking motion and it helps the ship move more smoothly. Still there are those days, I may be lifting oh 80 pounds and I may lose my balance due to the rocking. NOT GOOD lol. The cruise is not set in stone, but I feel like doign something relaxing. I tell what I really have my eyes set on is going skiing I never have been snow skiing. I would like to go to Colorado or any place really where I can get a good experience. I will have to do more research and planning. But its on my MUST do list before the end of 2010. LOL.

We had our NPC Indiana meeting and I couldn't attend because of the CPR class. I heard it was nice and as always the whole team goes to lunch at a nice steakhouse and we catch upon whats been going on with everyone. I would have loved to go and see everyone again. :) I will see them next year at the shows. We added a new show next year which I think is the last week in March.
Now we have 6 National That's pretty sweet for the competitors. You got six chances to get National status. I find shows liek these great warmups for the bigger shows Like USAs, Junior Nationals, etc. But I also find it could be a little unfair to others who have worked very hard and BAM a national competitor shows up and hands down they win the show. I remember when I came out of no where for the Excalibur and I competed against some National girls and guess what, in the famous words of Julius Ceasar "I came, I saw, I conquered".