Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My poor little man

I walked down the stairs this morning and went in the garage to get my boots. when I came back out I noticed something funny in the corner of the floor. It was a pile of runny stool. Obviously Chumley formerly know as Inferno has very bad diarrhea as I looked in the litter box and sure enough there was a couple of piles there too. I also noticed that there is traces of blood in his stool.I pray that he is okay. A couple of things I think about is he ate something he shouldn't have and its damage his intestine, or he's pooped so much that its cause there to be a little blood.
We shall see.

I don't feel so bad any more about my Colts at the Patritots game as the Jets got their butts spanked. 2 of the top ranking rival teams in the NFL and Sanchez got beat. This will forever be talked about. Congrats to Tom Brady for making history on his turf. He reminds me of a certain someone I know ..so cute and I dig his hair

Wish me luck with Chumley as he is my little hell spawn but I love him so much.

I will write more later
Bye for now