Saturday, November 27, 2010

Just in Time For Saturday Night Live

I am going to "try" to keep my blog updated at least 2 x a day and of course my Facebook is updated frequently. Keep in mind my New Website should be available right before the new year. My designer does incredible work and I am very very excited as my website is going to have a fresh new professional look. it will be one of a kind. I really would like to focus more on personal training as well as keeping the fans up to date with my contests, countdowns, training videos, and pre and offseason material. Lets not forget my new love "pet fitness". Speaking of which I am going to see if I can get Inferno, Bunny, and Pookie Mouse colts tees or Santa clothes and take a picture with them to promote my new business in the Tribune Star. I picture Pookie hissing, Bunny sniffing, and Inferno meowing loudly.

Before I left for Indianapolis, it broke my heart leaving my Grandma. She kept on begging me to stay over and over again. I tried to explain to her I got the lovely "cold" weather to go back too. Burrrr. NOT! lol. She is very understanding, as she knows it was time for me to go. I have a Colts Chargers game to attend tomorrow in Indianapolis and I thought about staying the night for the game. If only that new JW Marriott On South West St was open, but it won't be till February. We are going to cream those Chargers. Look Out! Peyton is going to come back fierce for this game. Its a great advantage being on our soil. The Chargers have won the last 3 games and I am surprised how "cheap cheap" the tickets are for this game lol. Seriously. It will be fun. I will be in section 144. woohoo

Well I should be home just in time for SNL tonight. Next week is busy for me. I will be going to the training camp Tuesday and then this weekend, there is a NPC meeting and the following day I start EMT school for 14 days. Which I still have to pick up my BDUs. I should do this sometime this coming week. My book should be in sometime on the 30th. Okay got to run.

See you at the Game