Saturday, November 27, 2010

Some pictures

No, there are none of me on here lol. Soon ...very soon.

Real quick..Happy Belated Thanksgiving. I hope your belly's are stuffed and that you can barely move. :)
I had a double Thanksgiving. Spending it with friends in Terre Haute, and then heading the same day spending it with my family that evening in Orlando, where it was hot and humid. Then we crashed another friend of the family's house and ate some more. Can I get a Amen for beans and rice. I love love Spanish food. There's nothing like it. I ate and ate. But I am a sucker for good ole American mashed sweet potato casserole. YUMMY. Orlando has changed. I looked for a Anytime Fitness and I only found 2 locations...In Orlando, seriously. The locations are too far for me. Golds is my homeboy. :)

These are some pictures from the Patritots Colts game. I had a great seat, but it sure wasn't worth the price especially since we didn't do so hot. There wasn't many Colts fans but I did see some here and there, sporting the Manning jerseys, and their Colt head hats. I was sitting in the back of a few drunk Patriot fans and Screaming out "Manning you suck" and "I hope you die Vinatieri"(ex Patriot LOL). These guys were a riot and out of control. With my experience at the game I think what I got a kick out of the most was the patriots firing the riffles and the fog horn lol. I was sitting in my seat freezing my buns off. I couldn't feel my hands, my feet, or my face. I was trying to update Facebook fans but my fingers were too frozen to text as I have a "touch" screen. We would not have even had the comeback we did in the second quarter if it wasn't for Manning. Yes we had some painful moments with the interceptions, bit bot as painful as the last one where we would have won the game...grrrrr

We had President/Noble Peace Prize winner Jimmy Carter and Steve Tyler (Areosmith) in the da house. The crowd could care less about Jimmy Carter and were more focused on Steve Tyler.

Sorry to make this short but here are some of my pictures.

Tom Brady.........Kiss, reminds me of a friend of mine.

Inferno being sneaky

Wait for it .....

Wait for it..


I think its time to get someone declawed...Inferno think s he is the king of the house.