Saturday, November 20, 2010

So live your life :)

I have been blessed and I am happy to say I love life, grilled cheese sandwiches and cheese curds.

Recently I have been having a blast with the little bit of time I have before I go to my EMT training in Bloomington next month. I am looking forward to the class but not to the 14 day 9-7pm hours. I will also be living in Bloomington, IN temporary with my little kids (bunny, pookie, and inferno) Oh boy this will be fun. I still need to get my BDUs for the class and my textbook. I need to order that today.

So many of you know I went to see Josh Groban in New York Town Hall. It was amazing. The majority of the crowd was heavier set women and middle aged women. We can't blame them for going wild for Josh. He is so talented and what an Incredible voice. It makes my heart melt. :) It was a unique experience. He didn't have his orchestra and it was just him and 2 other people. He also went and took questions from the audience. At one point he said he was a Giants fan and some people started going nuts and chanting the Jets. They were seriously getting upset lol.
Move over Bono, as there's a new man in my life now lol. If I had the finances or the connections, I would want him to perform for me and a few of my friends. That would be SWEET.
I had a wonderful time, and there's nothing like the big apple.

Tomorrow I will be heading to Boston. yes...Boston. The Colts are playing and I wanted to go to an away game and this by far is one to check out besides the cold weather. Thank yo Stub Hub again :) Of course I got my ticket from there. Section 130 row 6 on the colts side. "yeah" the game is almost sold out. I am excited. I rented a car and will do a little site seeing and I always wanted to check out Salem which is about 45 minutes from Boston. So much history in Boston. In the following week I will be attending the Colts women's training camp, November 30th in Indianapolis. Sweet!

Thanksgiving is coming up very soon. I will be doing a split Thanksgiving. I will spend some time here in Terre Haute with my friends then I will be heading to the airport to go see my grandmother in Orlando that evening. The next day I will be taking my grandma, my sister and myself on a cruise. My Gma needs a getaway in the worst way. I love her very much and want to do whatever I can for her, especially putting a smile on her face.

Inferno the Bengal has been naughty, He has been peeing all over my clothes. I can tell you I wasn't too thrilled about that. I immediately went and took him to be neutered. He has gotten to be a little wild and too big for his age lol.

Okay time to get a bit of shut eye and to count some sheep. I miss the little things