Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The good sister in me

I've been feeling a little bit under the weather. The cold weather we have been having doesn't help and its catching up to me. There's nothing like a good ole hot toodie to knock it out of me and bring a good sweat on to flush out the potential cold threat.

Chumley is fine and doing better. I was very worried about him as he is a garbage disposal and full of so much energy. I took a few pictures of Pookie Mouse and Chumley hugging and fighting. Now they are best of buddies. Pookie will still throw a fit here and there. She'll get over it. I will post the pictures later

When you love someone, you do what you can for them and then some.... :)

You know me, always up to something. I was hoping to actually go skiing this weekend, but that will have to wait. I did some research on it and I would like to go to Colorado. I hear they have good pizza to. I think the place is called Bojangles.. or something like that. I am probably not even close to what the name is and just literally messed that up....SORRY

I wanted to do something fun this weekend. I was looking at cruises. Then I talked to my sister yesterday and she has been having a rough time. She hasn't really done anything fun in a long time. Plus she's taking care of my mom and and grandmother not to mention my aunt. We have so much in common. The only thing is I am not into the rasta hats she wears. Shes a good kid and gets high honors with her superb GPA. You know who she takes that after *AHEM*. Her birthday is Jan 2nd and she will be 17. I can't believe my baby sis is growing up. Only o\physically (shes tall), mentally shes nuts. I'm kidding. I went ahead a few hours ago and booked a cruise for us this weekend sailing out of Miami. We will be going to the Bahamas. For her first cruise I think she will enjoy it. I almost went on a Royal Caribbean for cheap cheap but Since I need Carnival pionts lol..I am almost Platinum.

I had on a huge jacket and my workout loose pants and someone comes up to me and says .."you work out" How the heck can you tell when I am covered with tons of layers. not to mention a jacket thats huge. Its a compliment and it make me feel good. it also makes me want to go train insane.

I'm in the process of finding a piece of cardio equipment for my bedroom so when I wake up "boom" I'm on it and breaking a sweat