Friday, March 25, 2011

it takes strength

Don't ask me when I took this as I can't remember lol. I'm serious. It brings back great memories and it pumps me up for the summer :) woohoo. I got some more pictures to share :), but will do that here in a sec. I started my morning by watching the black and white movie "the three musketeers", I've never seen it till now. I like it :) and yes I'm cheesy like that. Big weekend ahead of me. Between my physical assement and then our new show this weekend its jam packed. Its possible the assement may go longer than expectant too so that may be a factor. This training for me has only been the tip of the iceberg with training. Your not going to learn everything in school as its more learning on the field. My EMT training has just begun, and then the Medic training in the Fall..that is tough. Your looking at another year of training. You always here the controversy over paramedics and nurses lol.  I rode in the ambulance yesterday for my clinical which started at 8am and I stayed till 7 pm as we had patient that had to be transported to Wishard Memorial in Indianapolis as it was a MVA. It was lights and siren from Bloomington to Indy. I am amazed at how many people try to out run the ambulance or pay them no mind on the roads.  I can't even imagine how I would be driving the ambulance going down the roads with these drivers. One of the cool features on the new ambulances is the privacy window. Its a screen that pops up over your windows in the back so it blocks people from seeing in. It was another long day, but I loved every part of it. Bloomington is the first in the nation to have blue fire trucks. Powder blue I think is the color

Do you think the Holiday Razzle is me. There was a glitter magazine from the 80s i saw in the gym while I was doing cardio. Pretty cool :) as you know I LOVE the 80s.

Its funny in class or around restaurants how people talk and say or assume things. I should start my own type of national enquier. Think of it like grandma with her loud and clear "as seen on tv device"(used to hear other peoples conversations) Check out the commercial.

Anyway grandma or whoever trying to find the latest scoop just so they  have something to say LOL

As a treat meal for myself I took myself out last night solo to the restaurant Sushi bar. Awesome place for great sushi. Tell them the EMT bodybuilder tha ate up all thier sushi sent you

Well its a busy day tomorrow as I mentioned above and we have our newest show in South Bend. I'm very curious to see how that goes. We have Indiana state reps coming in for the testing on the physical assessments. The hardest out of the 7 test is trauma and medical. *whew then after that we are free lol but there's a chance it could go longer as I mentioned earlier. That could change my plans. As far as the show I am pulling for Jorge as I said in a previous blog he reminds me of someone I know with a great set of genetics and a beautiful body at such a young age. Lucky guys. Seriously not a lot of young people can pull that off but it takes so much doscipline and dedication on top of that. I know Jorge will kick ass. Can't wait for that. Best of luck to everyone